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Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



I fell in love with the idea of being in love... There wasn't a lot I liked about the town I lived in, it was rough and tumble, the majority population being men who work for weeks at a time in the oil fields but then have like a week off. There's three things they do in that spam of time:drink,fuck,and meth (total sausage fest of alpha males). Anyhow I hated it and I was working as a waiter and she started as a driver,we had talked a little here, a little there. She was cute,tall,and Japanese,short hair dyed blonde with glasses,and face freckles. I was always on the fryer and dish pit when I wasn't serving and drivers had to do dishes too,when waiting for deliveries. We'd chat,mostly small talk and of course the sprinkles of sarcasm. She'd poke fun at how my glasses would fog from the dish pit and I'd poke fun at her cuz she was a wuss and wouldn't clean the fryer filter (which of course I did, I didn't mind).

After a couple of weeks,I asked her to come hang with me at my house, and we drank "girly"drinks like Mikes hard lemonade and smirnoff ice which have such a small amount of alcohol you can't taste the liquor (soda really) and I at the time was king of the stoners and had taken a toke. She looked really pretty,she had on a sundress with peach colored flowers on it and a Jean jacket. I was buzzed and stoning and I wanted to share some of my music with her because,we'll why the fuck not(my insecurity was numbed). I played for her and I thought it was trash but she said it was good and then she played for me. It was beautiful, she was magical and I was there with her. That night we walked around that shifty Lil town and held hands hers in mine and smoked stupid cigarettes, and talked...

I eventually met both her grandmas and both hard core Christians, both very sweet Gran (that was what she wanted me to call her cuz everyone did) rolled her own cigs cuz of a tax law on pre roll cigarettes,really a sweet woman played guitar and piano and was a lover of literature she had books everywhere. And Grandma Runy (Short for Waruny) She was Japanese, she loved the arts,was a painter especially,though she was very private about her work. She was friends with this British gent named Nigel who would come to stay with her from England for a few weeks at a time,if they had a staus it would be an "it's complicated" he'd asked her to Marry him but shed turned him down,they'd still cuddle and watch TV none the less.

She was staying at her Grandma's and I think there was a time I lived in her room for like a while and we ate,drank,and played fallout for like a solid month (cave trolls XD). She had an artistsstation where she would do commissions or work on things that were still in the process. A lot of times we'd simple lie there staring at each other and I'd gently run my fingers over the cut marks on her body,I always told her that she was beautiful though like all woman she denied it. Sometimes we'd drive around at night listening to music,and smoking cigs cuz what was there better to do,go to the bar? Naw that wasn't me and she know what going to the bar entailed getting hit on by a bunch of pervs. We'd been together for a while 8 months the longest I'd ever been in a relationship and it was January,see she was in an open relationship which meant she had me and someone in New York, but I wasn't worried about someone that far.

We had told each other we'd loved one another numerous times and each time it was genuine, and I told her to stay with me and just me, that we could grow old and be farts together but she wanted him and I didn't want an open relationship. I wanted more and I told her but she didn't want that so heartbroken I ended it and moved out of that town,I had to get out or give in and become the douchebag sleaze ball it was beckoning me to be,no I had to leave... I did and am still struggling with letting go because I'm a Taurus and Taurus doesn't like change.

My friends think I'm angry all the time (because I look it I guess,idk). What none of them understand (especially the female ones) is that they do things that remind me of her and it's my fault,when I appear angry it's really that I wanna scream or cry and being proud I can't do that. But I'm trying to deal with and understand what ever the fuck, I was in and this isn't so much for you dear reader as it is for me.

We still make small talk,sometimes...

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