once upon a time

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once upon a time, a green willow was born in the edge of the white river. the green willow was just a teeny tiny seed which one splendid swan had taken it from it's last migration to the south.

one morning of brilliant sunshine, woke up by great smile, looking at the sky, it saw something flying. it was awsome little white which was completely submitted by the wind.

dandelion came slowly down jouncing, singing the legend of some far away lands in the world.
it suddenly got aware someone is staring at him.
- who are you?
- I am just one week grown up seed. everyone said that I am just new ratoon, but as the time is passing, I will becoming big beautiful willow who gives superb view in this neighbor soon.
- I am an heir of throne for all this region. he said that with big vain.
dandelion was thinking with himself. he remembered some beautifull willow he had seen before and he knew he is right about his beauty but…
- Do you know some kind of trouth about trees life?
willow was wondering about what he asked.
- what do you mean?

dandelion has become quiet with big smile.
- ok, I will come and see you then. now I have gor to go. there are a lot of fantastic places where I have to see.
- see you.
- bye, god bless you little white dandelion.
the green willow was endowd with great confidence, but he did not know something about tree's life.
they can not move. they are stationary as ever, they just can grow biger and greener but not move.
what would he do when he knows about this truth about his life!!
He will live in perpetual position for ever?
the little ratoon begin to grow as a beautiful miracle in the world.

he was completely sure that he will be adored by the river, wind, brids, sky and whatever around him In that neighbor.
finally in one sunny day which butterflies were flying on top of the river, the green willow found himself a young plant.
He looked at the water and he saw him as beautiful as he looked. he was very vain about his appearance. he was looking at everything around him with arrogance.
one day a nightingale came and sat on top of the willow's branch. she started singing in amazing voic, it was just like the moonlight shining. it was as light as the cloud. after that the bird flied and went,the willow suddenly felt sad, he wanted to go but how. his root was dawn the soil, under the earth, he was not an old earthenware to unearth. he was just the tree and suddenly he lost his confidence about himself. he had longing to be a bird. his pose was inevitable, was it really?

then he started to be depressed more and more.
I think it is the reason why willow's head are always falling down close to the earth.

by the time one day when I think was the time a dear passenger came to the region.
the dandelion had come back from his juorney. he came and saw the willow had become the young pretty willow, but sad.
- hello my dear friend, how is it going?
the willow made his head up and saw him, smiled, Hey how are you, I missed you so much.
smiled dandelion and said: yeah, me too. I had a long long trip and it was amazing.
- I wish you could come with me and saw them yourself.
the willow's smile wend and after silence he told his friend you can define me whatever you saw.
- you know I can not move.
dandelion thought with himself I am disposed to help him.
- ok, I am going to define whatever I've seen, you know I am light as a feather, becouse of that flying with the wind is my way to travel around the world.
- I saw rivers which end to the sea, I saw birds who have migrated to the south in cold weather and move toward north in hot…
- I saw jiant turtles moving across the seashore in long times.
- I saw roses open under the sun.
- I saw the rain showering the grasses.
- I saw clouds in high altitude of the towns.

the willow was all ears to listen the dandelion, he was excited but depressed.
he was thinking, dreaming about the whole other places in the world which he was never able to see. how could he stay tolerated for this big disaster of his life.
tomorrow morning when he woke up the wind was blowing, his leaves were dancing and her branches were shaking, he suddenly felt something, he knew about some kind of rats which chewing tree's roots, if he could find one of them, then…
the willow called the quirrel living in his next tree's body, in her nest. could you do me a favour and bring one rat next to me?
the quirrel said: of course, I know one rat who is my old friend. I can bring him here.
the willow smiled and looked to the horizon.
tomorrow morning the quirrel came back with a rat who was big and grey and a little dirty.
the rat looked at the willow and told him: why you wanted to see me.
the willow looked at the rat and asked him what is your name?
- wik
- hey wik I need you chew my roots by the time I can be seperated from the earth.
- ok, I can but I have to call my other friends who can help me.
- ok, go ahead.
the quirrel was looking at the willow with open eyes, terrified.
- why do you want to do that silly, you will die.
- I know, I just do not have any choice.
it was the time, the rat came back with his other four friends.
they came into the earth and began to chew the willow's roots.
he felt horrible pain but stayed in silence. He just wanted it done as fast as possible.
it took all day long for rats to cut his roots from the earth.
The sun was setting when the willow was completely seperated from the earth and it was falling dawn but three swans came and took his branches with their gouges.
finally he was able to fly, move, but dying.
while going to deep sleeping he felt he is going up slowly and then he saw himself upon the river. He finally was flying, he was smiling, he was crossing the river by swans.
there was no time to be aware anymore. his life was ending so fast, but at least he was thrilled inside, he was getting his desire to see other places.
he was watching some other lands, he was not stationary the same as before anymore.
he was moving so fast, happily.
swans were flying in velocity because of the fact that life is short but important, they have respect for willow's.
when the sun had gone back behind the earth, swans took the willow down on the earth slowly.
it was the earth but on top of the rocks, the willow's eyes were closing but in the last minutes he looked at the swans and smiled deeply,
- thank you for everything my wonderful friends, I hope you stay happy ever.
- bye for ever and ever.
- my life is ending but it had worth so infinetely.
hie eyes closed, swans begin to fly in big sad in their hearts.

it were weeks when swans left the willow. one day morning something happened as a miracle.
one fox was crossing the jungle when he saw a new tree was infront ot his usual way which never was there.
- hey dude, when did you grow up here which I had never seen you?
the willow opened his eyes, wow, where I am? am I still alive?
- of course you are, do not you see?
the willow looked down, he felt his roots were stuck in the earth.
yeah, that was true, this land had fertile soil which it had taken the alive roots of the willow inside and nutritioned the tree
the willow had stayed alive and now he had new home, new land, new place to live, to love, to breath.
yeah, it was the miracle of life.
his place was on top of the rocks which had a great sightseen to the vast lands, it was difficult to belive, but true.

the end

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016




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