Don't Give up

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The book is a mini testimony about my life and the struggles I have had and continue to on a daily basis. I talk openly and candid about life issues and how hard it is to get past one thing and then you look up and there's something else. It's real talk and real life. I speak on facts and my faith in God. The book is truly encouraging!

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Submitted: August 21, 2016

What is my purpose? Why am I here? Why do these things always seem to
happen to me, and how am going to get through this? We all have these
questions; not just when something bad comes our way, but we think
these thoughts daily as we go through all of our life challenges. I mean,
at one point in my life I was lost and just did not know who I was. Yeah,
I knew my name was Marlena, but who am I, and what is my purpose?
If you think that you will get answers to these questions at the moment
in time that you ask them, then you are so wrong. As a matter of fact, I
am still asking these same questions twenty years later. I can say though,
that I have not found all the answers now, but I am much closer now to
finding them than I have ever been before. Read Chapter