The affair

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A young man is stuck in a loveless relationship until he finds solace in the arms of another man

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



Peter was again alone in bed, his wife hadn't slept in the same bed as him for months now. He felt lost, she hardly seemed to care, it was as if everything was normal to her and this was her life and she was content. Peter certainly wasn't content. He was angry, whenever he tried to broach the subject with her, she dismissed it.

She was much younger than he, a 16 year age gap. At first it had been an amazingly sexual relationship. They spent more time in bed than anywhere else, Peter had always had a teenagers libido and when they first met she wasn't long out of her teens. Now he mostly felt a sense of isolation and loneliness.

Now they had been married for 10 years and it just wasnt the same, he still had his urges and he had more erections than a randy teenage boy whose rampaging hormones were being torn at by purberty. The great irony of it all was just as you sexually awoke your face and body became covered in spots, blemishes and wispy hair. What a nightmare.

But Peter wasn't an adolescent boy. He was coming up to 50 and still needed sexual stimulation. Online one night browsing some porn sites he came across a web camming site. After some thought he decided to broadcast himself, the world come watch on whilst he masturbated. The voyueristic element thrilled him.

Mostly the viewers turned out to be old men, Peter was well equipped and was kind of enjoying showing off his large manhood for all to see. It wasn't until a night when his wife was out that he went one step further and showed hid whole body and face. Thats when the viewers really picked up.

Peter was a handsome man and started recieving offers from many men. Some just wanted to suck his incredible cock and nothing more. Others wanted to meet up and go on a date with a view to a relationship. This was confusing to Peter, it contradicted his natural hetrosexual feelings, he had never been attracted to men before, he appreciated that men were good looking but only as a sense of envy that they would be able to attract the best and most desirable women.

Peter had never considered himself to be gay or even bisexual before. The longer the camming sessions went on though the more curious he became. His sexual urges becoming more of a underlying feeling that the negativity in his life, the loneliness, the lack of companionship were leading him elsewhere. Had he been looking in the wrong places all his life? Had he always known he was gay? Or was it now, a new chapter and new beginning. Middle aged and in a loveless marriage, was he ready for a relationship with a member of the same sex?

He had a business trip to London coming up and started chatting to some of the men on the web cam chat service. He was looking for someone or something that would feel right, after a couple nights on the chat rooms he started speaking to a very understanding guy who lived in the Paddington area on London, not far from where Peter would be working in London. His chat companion suggested meeting for a beer in a local bar, if nothing else it would help Peter in his quest to get more from his life.

Peter was nervous heading to his first meet with a gay man. Nervous but horny all the same. He hadn't known what to expect but found the slightly older gentleman to be very calm and thoghtful. Almost like a father figure, guiding him though the experience. They initially chatted like old friends in the bar, they shared similar interests. The topic of sex came up and Peter felt a spike of excitement in his loins. He felt that it was now or never and invited the older man back to his hotel room.

That was 7 months ago now and Peter is now a fully fledged member of the LGBT club. He identifies as bi sexual and regularly meets his boyfriend in London.

The affair has begun.

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