Babysitting Horror 1

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True story told from POV of sixteen year old girl entailing the horrors of babysitting. To share a true story you want me to re-tell into hair-raiser form, email me! Enjoy!

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



I am a 16 year old girl and I baby sit every weekend for my moms best friends three children, Mitchel, Daphney and Lily, they are all under 10 years old. Their mother Rachel worked the night shift so I would babysit for them all night and Rachel would drive me home the next morning. 

The kids were all in bed, at this time it was 11:30, I had put a waffle in the toaster because I hadn't had had dinner. At this time I heard three light taps on the back door.This wasn't surprising because the neighbor boy Jamie would come tap on the back door when he wanted in, we had hung out once or twice before when I was sitting. "Come on in Jamie it's unlocked!" I heard a few faint words saying it wasn't locked. I ran over and unlocked it then ran back to check on my waffle. Ten minutes went by and I heard no sign of Jamie. I figured he was going to scare me but I didn't want him to wake the children so I was going to call him and warn him not to. 

"Hello?" said Jamie

"Hey it's Kelly please be quiet I don't wanna wake the kids and please lock the back door it's late."

"I'm not at your house,"

"Jamie! I'm tired please don't play games tonight" as I said this I heard music is the background of the phone, I knew Jamie wasn't at the house.  I tiptoed to the back door to locker it but it was wide open. I was terrified. I shut the door then ran over to get my phone. I dialed 911 but where I lived it was hard to connect long distance phone calls and this house was very far from the center. The call wouldn't go through it kept ringing which is nothing unusual, you're supposed to let it keep ringing till it connects. I ran up stairs to get the kids so we could go next door and wait for the phone to connect. When I reached the girls room there was a large figure leaning over Lily, I screamed causing the man to look up at me and come towards me quickly. I ran down the stairs screaming.  I knew I couldn't leave the kids in the house though. I slammed all the doors down stairs to throw him off while I hid behind the couch. When he opened the door farthest from the stairs I quietly ran upstairs and woke all the kids and we began walking down the stairs. I didn't see the man. I told all the kids to run out the door and to Jamie's while I grabbed my phone. When I got my phone I saw that there were knives missing so I knew I had to hurry and leave. The police finally arrived and caught the guy. They said I was lucky and that his intentions were to take me and kill the kids. They found all the kitchen knives in his book bag and they also found pictures of me in his bag. The pictures were taken of me babysitting the kids at different times. He had been watching for months. I no longer baby sit or go to that family's house even though the man was arrested. This was the scariest thing that has ever happened, it still haunts me to this day. 


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Babysitting Horror 1

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