Depressing Thoughts

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Me in my depressed state of mind. Life is hard when you feel like no one's on your side.

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



My depression is a monster,

It's an unwelcome imposter,

Even when I take the meds,

My depression wants me dead.


This has been a long fight,

Beside a dying light,

That once used to be bright,

But now has turned black as night.


It's a weight on my shoulders,

It's a struggle to wake up every morning,

I step with cement feet,

I might even admit defeat.


Everyday it gets harder,

Every morning depression is the starter,

Wake up and go to sleep depressed,

Then repeat the cycle the next day.


My heart feels as if it's lead,

I think about the blood I've shed,

My depression's definitely in my head,

Maybe I should silence it.


I cry daily,

I'm not afraid to admit it,

Cause I live life in my own shoes,

Because no one else will fit.


My feelings are in knots,

In my vision I see spots,

Life is really hard to live,

With all these depressing thoughts.


Every thought is a battle,

Every breathe is a war,

And I don't think,

That I'm winning anymore.


My feelings are crushing me,

I find it hard to breathe,

With all these clouded thoughts,

I can't even be me.


You have no idea how much pain.

Runs through these veins,

But sometimes just to stay alive,

You have to kill your mind.


Headaches are constant,

Along with my tears,

I have too many trust issues,

Along with fears.


I am constantly battling,

Between the idea of recovery,

And the every easy idea,

Of swallowing too many pills.


Deep inside,

Beyond my pride,

There's nothing fine,

I've lost my mind.


Just a cut,

Just a scratch,

What's that mark?,

It was the cat,

Just an excuse,

Just a lie,

What's with all the bracelets?,

"It's just fashion, why?",

Just a tear,

Just a scream,

Why were you crying?,

"Just a bad dream,"

But it's not just a cut,

Or a tear or a lie,

It's always 'just one more'

Until you die.


My thought are killing me,

I don't know what to do,

And all these depressing thoughts,

Don't like me to.




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