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Small poem

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



With all the talk,

It seems everyone wants a bulk,

On your body.

The way people stare. 

No, you think, but another spoonful goes in.

Why is it happening, especially now?

You eat until you can't contain anymore,

About to spill it all, you stop in time.

The guilt.

Why does this happen? You mutter unhappily.

I was doing just fine.

But at rough times you need something else to think about.

But you ought not to eat so much girl.

Laughter fills the room.

Embarrassed, the cycle starts again.

You eat, but remind yourself you must stop.

What will your friends think?

What will your friends think?

Putting the bowl is an accomplishment already. But what's next is even more.

You run. Running off what you ate. Running and running down the sidewalks.

Several days later, you look normal.

Al your friends look and smile, there she is. The girl with the average body.

Not to skinny but not too fat.

But they don't know how much you lie to them about your health.


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