A Story from Dan

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A story of intervention, as told by the one who received it...RIP

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



In the days when the I-15 was a two lane stretch of highway, and in the still dark hours of the morning, the lonely driver blasted down the road.

This guy was heading back to southern California after a wallet-emptying day in Los Vegas. 

It was pitch black outside and his headlights weren't doing a whole hell of a lot, even on the High-beam position. This guy, Dan, turned his radio volume way up in an effort to stay awake and started singing along with the song.

Suddenly Dan caught sight of a man on the edge of the road, waving his arms franticly. It caught Dan so by surprise that he slammed on his brakes and locked all four wheels up tight, skidding for a very good distance.

Slowly Dan pulled the car over to the shoulder of the road, put it in park, and turned on his four-way flashers.


He just sat there for a couple of minutes trying to collect his thoughts, but that is when he saw a faint outline in the road ahead.

Dan grabbed his flashlight from the glove-box to investigate and found an overturned big rig, the bottom of the rig was facing Dan, and it was stretched across both lanes of the road. The engine was not running and all the rigs lights were out.

Luckily Dan had road fairs to deploy and he made a hasty call on the nearest call box. By the time the Highway Patrol arrived there were a-half dozen vehicles, all with flashers flashing, parked along the road's edge.

It was going to be well after daylight before they would have the truck righted and removed from the highway, so at the brake of day Dan turned his car around and went looking for the man who waved his arms and saved Dan's life.

There was no-one, anywhere.

Dan did an extensive searched of the area, especially around the area where his cars skid marks started, and there was not so much as a shoe-print in the dirt.

Dan guessed that it was his Guardian Angel, or something like that, and that it just wasn't Dan's time to go.

Dan went on, later marrying and his wife and he raised Dan's child and they adopted another.

Dan was self taught in his profession, he went on to invent, perfect, and manufacture specialized lenses for private and military uses. Dan taught his son the profession and now he owns and operates that business.

Dan also invented one of the first sunglasses that blocked out most of the sun's harmful UV rays; they were called "REVO".

I am talking about my family's friend Dan Coursen, who passed on in the month of July, 2016. ... RIP

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