Love Is My Tragedy

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Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



Is this where you want me

Alone and stuck with myself I'm at the point where I can't breathe

With these thoughts racing and there's no escaping

I feel like I'm alive but with every breath suffocating

I can't breathe

Love is my tragedy

So now here I am lifting my hands to thee

Asking the Lord, is this where he wants me?

I'm running out of plausible reasons to why my heart always feels like it's bleeding

But not from tenderness

No, it's from niggas always putting me through shit


Like Joseph son of Jacob falsely accused while others thrive off my misery

But where is their company?

I feel like I'm in solitary because their nowhere around me

Where is their company?

Since they tried so hard to seek mine, constantly trying to steal my shine and my light

And as far as that Holy Ghost that I heard lives inside of us all..

Let it stand in front of my pride and help me prevent my destruction and fall

Let it be with me please when I get the urge to flatten someone

Because all I keep thinking about is Heaven and one day I want to be there

In the sky but I'm still a baby bird trying to fly


I've made mistakes and stumbled

Some might say how I've even fallen from grace a little but that's just their views, you see

Their group based hypothesis of me

However, those that may one day seek forgiveness themselves, won't forgive me

And because of this I do feel my faith slipping

Sometimes I can't breathe

Sometimes, I can't unwind my mind and find a reprieve for peace

People keep piling so much dirt and guilt on top of me

That it now feels like I can't breathe

This family is killing me

So now I'm asking the Lord, is this where you want me?

Why is love my tragedy...

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