Gods and Mortals - A Guide to Yarden

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The opening story of an expansive fantasy world, showing how the world was formed and who's in it

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



Gods & Creation-


In the beginning there was nothing. Until six beings were born, seemingly out of nowhere, who would later name themselves Gods. Each of these six beings held incomprehensible knowledge and power in specific fields. The Gods were Honerva, the God of war. Alertius, the god of reason and judgement. Darven, the God of Science. Anthrodis, the God of love. Cantius, the God of labour. Orermis, the God of Art. Peacefully these beings lived side by side for an unknown amount of time, following Alertius' instructions. However, as with everything, this would not last.

Honerva, the most maleficent of these beings seeked an escape from boredom, he dreamed of excitement and violence. However, whenever he suggested these things to the others, Alertius would shoot down the idea, believing it to be unreasonable. One day Honerva had had enough, he decided that Alertius was just trying to stop enjoyment of these beings, so in front of the others he ferociously snapped her neck. This caused a war between each of the gods, not stemming from different beliefs and the hopes of a greater tomorrow, but to amuse these all powerful beings. This war escalated, getting more and more brutal, with only Anthrodis not getting involved. He was protected by Darven and together they were able to easily defend themselves. But nothing lasts forever.

It is impossible to say how long this war raged on for, only that it was long enough for Honerva to get bored with it. As his interest dwindled the war slowed down and Darven saw his opportunity to make peace. Instead of fighting, suggested Darven, they could all use their power and knowledge to create something wonderful. All the other beings agreed and together they made a planet named Yarden with the moon Rund, then an island, then plants and fauna and eventually life. The island was named Terraxe by the intelligent life they created, and was like a paradise. They named the being they created Vindiths, the epitome of a mortal being, having a well crafted body, chiselled jaws and features, and two short curled horns protruding from their hair. With constant communication between them and the gods, they were able to build a cultured and technologically advanced society.  But nothing lasts forever.

Honerva began to grow bored with these beings, they were so cultured and logical, and would never descend into war or violence like he wished. He began to voice his anger, and out of fear the other gods agreed, saying that the Vindiths should be tortured and played with. Darven and Anthrodis, unwilling to let their own creations be treat like this, opposed the other gods with a counter suggestion. Together, as before they would create a new land, not serene like Terraxe, but harsh with varying climates and unfertile lands. Then, on this land, they created a new life, a life called Humans who could be tortured and sircome to their will. To make it worse they would always be one step away from the perfection and beauty of Terraxe. These beings were similar to the Vindiths, but worse, without the logical and cultured minds, or the perfect features and horns. Instead these creatures were flabby, full of anger with a desire to kill. Honerva was overjoyed with this new creation, and quickly began to play with them like toys. He destroyed homes, lives, families, set one against the other and would never allow a moment of peace. A few of the Humans stood out, worshipping Honerva and the other gods, trying to make peace with them. Humbled, but only slightly, by this experience and show of love the gods, including honerva, granted these humans with shelter, food, and a special power later to be called magic. These so called Priests would lead humanity, but not be free of their torture. Cantius joined in with Honerva, enslaving humans as she saw the possibility they had of creating and mining. This amused Honerva enough to allow the other gods to focus on Terraxe, as they were forced to ignore the horror they had just created. But nothing lasts forever.

Yet again Honerva began to get bored with his new creation, so took a step back to create something new. Something monstrous. On his own Honerva created the Siv, a disgusting, insectoid race with eight legs and large pincers for a mouth. The only Vinderoid feature was their mutilated face, from where the pincers began, to terrify the humans even more. These creatures had direct communication with Honerva, and an even stronger form of magic that could murder and destroy. They were perfect war machines. Now Honerva could sit back and watch as the Humans were tortured, enslaved and raped by the Siv, only occasionally getting involved. By this time the Vindiths had discovered a way to travel over seas and many migrated to the new land. Realising their god given gifts and freedom, the Vindith proclaimed themselves kings of men, although were still controlled weakly by the Siv. The enslaved humans began to build mountain high structures of the gods, showing their trust and subservience. But nothing lasts forever.

Due to the control of the Sivs and the dominant Vindiths, the lands became self running and the gods involved themselves less and less, until they were completely gone, likely working on new projects far away. New races began to form naturally, and each began their own civilization. Without the instructions of the Gods the Siv went into hiding and Vindiths took ultimate control. Now free from god chosen power humans were given some rights, yet were still enslaved, forced to build temple courts for the Vindiths as a place to control from. Priests were still respected as social superiors, but would never reach the heights of the Vindiths. Years of strict hierarchy and enslavement could not easily be changed. But if this story has taught you anything, it's that nothing lasts forever.




Vindiths were the first intelligent creature made by the gods. They are averagely heighted, with chiselled features and short curled horns coming form the front of their heads. Respected by the gods, this race lived peacefully and progressively through the beginning of their lives. Thanks to the gifts of knowledge from the gods, especially Oremis, the Vindiths were able to create and incredibly advanced culture, free of war, violence and discrimination, allowing them to progress even further with technology. The Vindiths technological and scientific steps were mostly theoretical though, as they spent a lot of time with Darven studying the lands he had created. This doesn't mean however that they were technologically backwards, there advancements were incredible, with large towering cities and brilliant yet strange contraptions.

After the formation of the other lands, inhabited by humans and the eventual travels their by the Vindiths they descended in to what was later called the dark times.  After inventing the miraculous boat, the Vindiths began travelling between Terraxe and the Canyon of the gods where the humans resided. Once arriving and seeing the different treatment between them by the gods, the Vindiths began to view themselves as superior, becoming the kings of men. They forced humans to mine and work for them, to build them large temples and houses, the most notable of these being the Temple Court.

The temple Court was a place in which Vindiths decided the fate of individual humans, masked behind the idea of it being for the gods. This meant revolt was impossible, as every human feared the gods. The Building is a large Semi-sphere built into the mountains at the north of the Canyon. Inside long rows of seats surround the edge of a large circular pool. At one side of this a walkway is located from the side, and in the centre sit five seats for the five judges. In front of them the water opens and Humans are elevated from below ground, shackled and half naked. Here the Vindrith Judges look upon them and their past to decide what there job shall be in life, or occasionally the punishment for their crime will. Brutally and without reason many Humans were sentenced to death, to lower their growing population and threat. It was this court that started the Vindrith uprising.

During this time Terraxe and Vindiths were still cultured people, and this mistreatment of power was viewed harshly by some. A group of three Vindiths, whose identities and names have been erased from history, viewed this act as so harsh they planned an attack on the Temple Court. This group, armed with swords and bows, entered the Temple Court, disguised as ordinary civilians to go and watch the debate of the day. A human was raised up in front of the Judges and the team went wild, firing arrows randomly into the crowd. One member of the team aimed specifically at the Judges, and was able to kill one of the Judges with an arrow through the eye. Quickly guards stormed in and killed the extremists before too much damage could be done. Twelve Vindiths were killed that day, including a Judge, which is the first reported case of Vindith violence, but not the last.
Word quickly spread to Terraxe about the attack, causing more and more disbelievers to voice their opinion. Eventually a revolutionary war took place, the first war Vindiths had ever been involved with. The people fighting against this cruel, overbearing order did little damage to anything. The gods quickly getting involved and ending it, protecting the government of their children. Although supplies began to run low, with farmers turning their pitchforks to violence, the army was able to quickly regain order, slaughtering all who oppose. This war, however short, damaged the Vindiths peaceful culture forever. Any prisoners of this revolt were held up at the Temple Court, the very building that started all of this, and were banished from both Terraxe and the Canyon of the Gods. This group of freedom fighter fled to Laywen, and were somehow able to live in those harsh climates.

After priests began rising to celebrate the gods, and magic was created as a gift of this celebration, the Vindiths were obviously too given this for free. Vindiths researchers instantly turned their attention to this new power they possessed, advancing it till it could be used for almost everything. Technological research and advancement almost stopped completely, since anything could instead be done with magic. These people then laid back, not working or researching, just enslaving and laughing. Culture reached a standstill and their society had completely broken.

Eventually the Sivs were created, a race viewed as higher than the Vindriths. This had a small effect on the supremist views of the Vindrith, but not enough to root it out forever. The gods cut contact and seemingly disappeared, and yet again a small improvement occurred. Although the Vindith people are now open and hoping for a change in the broken order, it will take a massive event to topple the rulers.




During the Vindiths dark age a large faction of Vindiths stood against the corrupt government and Temple Court. Standing against the most powerful government and the gods, this faction was bound to fail, but they sent a message. When destroyed, a few of these rogues were captured and held up at the Temple Court they were willing to give there lives to destroy, and banished from both their home Terraxe and the Canyon of the gods. The captured militants made their way west, through the Crangle mountains and into Laywen, the vicious Jungle.

Laywen is dominated by towering trees, almost reaching the heights of the mountains. These impossible tall trees are also rivalled by tall red stemmed plants, surrounded by large luscious white berries that can either be poisonous or the most refreshing food on the planet, called ordians. Tall yellow stringed plants also climb from the ground through the trees and ordians, connecting them all together and leading to the main form of transport through Laywen.

The rogue band travelled through this forest, somehow surviving the harsh climate. Eventually they reached the Laywen lake, a large round lake in the centre of the forest, where the Vindiths were able to start to survive. Slowly they travelled around the edge of the lake until they reached a small stream running from the west side of the lake to the coast. Here they set up a small settlement, surviving from this stream. Over the years this settlement grew, climbing higher into the trees, with large bridges and houses being built along the side of the towering trees.

Strangely these Vindiths evolved from their original form, adapting to the Jungle around them. Originally their horns began to grow longer, growing taller from their head and curling more. After this they began to grow taller, growing a more slender frame to easily climb high into the trees and hunt the wild creatures safely. It is rumoured that the Laywen lake is actually the source of magical energy throughout the world, and due to surviving off of this water their body and genetics changed. All we do know is that Laywen, jungle and lake, is a source of high magical energy and the Vindlins do all that they can to protect this, seeing it's unique specialness.

Interestingly the Vindlins have a strange tradition. When a child reaches the age of ten, they get taken into the forest to chose a pet. After training and taming the creature of their choice, the child grows up, using this creature to help them hunt or gather ingredients. At the age of fifteen, once the child has grown a connection to this animal, they are forced to kill the creature for food. This is a way to show the children the culture of Vindlins, animals and the world is meant to be protected and lived alongside, but no food can be wasted, no matter how brutal it is.

Vindlin's were first met by humans, when a small group began exploring the mountains at the edge of the Canyon of the gods. The priests at the grand temple within the mountains saw these tall, silhouetted creatures, brandishing strong bows and ran down the mountains into the slums. Word quickly spread about these creatures, and the rhyme "Hunters of Crangle" began to scare children.

Vindlins are still a young race, with little history yet. However their wonderful and well defended lands, mixed with their powerful bodies will likely give them a strong place in the future world.




Humans were the race created second by the gods, and easily the one least focused upon during creation. Honerva demanded to have a race to war and toy with, since Darven and Anthrodis were incredibly protective of the Vindiths. Designed as lesser versions of the Vindiths, Darven planned this so nothing will be lost when Honera mistreats them. There most notable inclusion is that they are incredibly resilient. Knowing, at least partially, how twisted Honerva's thoughts are Darven made sure they were incredibly resilient, being able to survive massive amounts of pain and torture. Despite their lacklustre inception, humanity has always raised above what they were intended to be. Building a physique beyond Darven ever imagined, humans were able to create towering statues in the mountains for each god. However, thanks to Honerva and Cantius' involvement through the infancy of this race they have always been held back.

Vindiths are the mortal race that has effected human history the most. Once discovering this enslaved and underpowered race, they added onto the destruction, keeping this race down for even longer. They named themselves the kings of this race, forcing them to build temples and homes for them, without any obstruction from the gods. Now the humans were slaves to both the gods and the mortals, being forced to build homes and statues, while Honerva forced them to war against each other. Few humans at this time decided to praise the gods, pleading and praising them. The gods decided to let these priests have an easier way out, giving them real houses, food and a higher social status. Magic was now created, as a gift to these priests. At this time priests were given it to heal, and command, with spells that heal injuries and take over minds. This allowed them to force humans to work even harder, not out of their own will and without the excuse of injuries to stop working.

When the Siv were created humanity fell to an all time low. Since the Sivs had constant involvement with humans they were given no free time at all. The Sivs destroyed all housing and structures built for human living, forced them to work all night and raped everyone for their own pleasure. Nothing would stop them from destroying humans lives.

Due to the Siv raping so many people, some women became impregnated. These monstrosities ripped open the stomachs of their mothers, killing all but one of them. Most of these were slain as soon as they were born, being seen as a freak of nature that shouldn't survive. The fact that this race even survived past this massacre is a miracle.

When the gods disappeared humans were given some freedom, some joy. There duties became lessened and homes, or at least slums were provided to them for basic survival. Within these slums stories and culture was created, nothing as powerful as the Vindiths, but something. Most notable is the Hunters on the Crangle horror story, spread around the slums and the foundation of belief in Vindlins.

This poor and young race has been enslaved and put down it's whole existence, to the point where they have very little to say. But somehow, against their creation and surroundings, they have been able to rise up, survive the impossible to survivable and create their own culture and home. Unfortunately, however, they are still enslaved, with no sign of this changing any time soon. It will take a something unimaginable to free this feeble race.




Siv are the most vicious and disgusting creatures to ever exist. Created solely by Honerva to control the humans, they are abominations of war and horror, designed to destroy and enslave. Honerva's quick to change personality caused him to get bored of humanity's small scale wars, so designed this race to help control them allowing him to relax. Although most beings, including the Gods see them as horrendous beings, unable to control their own saliva despite a whole race. But Honerva never viewed them this way, he saw them as something perfect, a bloodthirsty rage filled race.

Controlling humanity was an exciting experience for the sivs, they relished pillaging and murdering under the guise of order. However the Vindiths were not a fan of this. Believing themselves to be the controlling force of this planet, having a new race take over this role did not go down well among the people. Disdainful and angry, the Vindiths tried to reason with the Siv, before seeing that they were not a being of reason only hatred. Since then Vindiths and Siv have lived peacefully, however reluctant alongside each other.

Probably the most interesting factor about the Sivs is their incredible magical prowess. From creation Honerva gave them incomprehensible magical power, fuelled by himself and the other Gods. With this power they could create fire with the ability to sear of the skin of thousand of humans at once, or storms strong enough to destroy all their crops. Nothing could battle this power, so humanity had no choice in obeying. Along with this, Sivs have direct and constant communications with the Gods. There entire life involves following the Gods commands.

Unfortunately with all this power and control, the Sivs were unregulated. Their desires were first and foremost,and thousands of humans were raped and subsequently killed by them. Those who survived wouldn't last long, as they were now impregnated with Siv children. These children rapidly aged and after only two months ripped open their mothers stomachs to come crawling out. Sivs and humans alike hated these creatures, but with unbridled power the Siv had very little reason to care.

After the Gods disappeared, the Sivs mostly did too. Without commands or guidance from the Gods they had no purpose, so travelled west into their own lands. The few who stayed were driven into caves and hiding, if  not killed by the humans and Vindiths as there magical prowess was also lost. It is rumoured that by using their remaining magic they built a large hive structure to live in together, the only colony in their lands. Although weak and in hiding now, nothing lasts forever. 




Little to nothing is known about the Half-breeds from after their conception. Almost as quick as they entered the world did they disappear, escaping humanity and civilization to the unliveable lands of Incenderum. No-one believed that they could have survived or escaped, only rumours and theories about their survival and empire.

Born from the Sivs relations with humans, they gained benefits from both races. Physically they have eight insectoid legs, similar to the Sivs, but a human torso and head. Unfortunately their birth wasn't simple, being forced to rip open their mothers stomach, killing them in the progress. Once others saw what was born, a monstrous half-breed, they slaughtered every single one of them that they could.

One mother, however, survived birthing her child and loved them more than anything. She saw beauty in the child, whether it was insane or not. After that point she decided to save every one of the half breeds that she could. First she took her child to a cave, at the eastern side of the canyon of the gods. After she scouted around, whenever a half-breed was born she would find it before anyone else could to murder it and carry them over to the cave. She wasn't always successful, and every failure was heart-breaking to her. This went on for a few months, until she realised it was not fee sable. Despite how distraught it made her, she gave up on her mission. In the middle of the night, she gathered the children and escaped North East, past Laywen and into Incendrum. Although this was not known as a habitable place, it was the best she could do for her children.

Eventually named as the Half-Mother, she spent the rest of her life building homes and farms for her children and allowing them to survive. The children grew up, had children and their civilization came into its own. Towards the end of her life, the Half-Mother wrote a poem that became a foundation of culture in Incendrum. "You are not half, you are full. Man and Vindith may put you down, but you are greater than they are. Stand up for what you are, live your life for who you are"

The biggest difference of the Half-Breed compared to all the other races is their lack of magic. Half-Breeds generally don't have magic, unless they are incredibly deformed. These physically deformed versions are praised in society, given castles and gold, the greatest food and anything they can desire. Due to the lack of magic though, the Half-Breeds have become masters in technology and it's use, figuring out ways to keep up with magic.

Although distanced from all other society, nothing lasts forever.

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