Attack on Humanity

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A story that seems to be about an ordinary teenager at Seijoh Academy, Masayuki Hashimoto, a genius prodigy who seems to be living a normal life with his childhood friends, until things take a turn for worst. Everyone he knew and the world he once lived in seemed a little out of the ordinary as he was abruptly woken up by a girl, Minako and his friend Akhira who is usually a stubborn guy. The story unravels as Masayuki learns the truth of this world...Will he be able to face the truth or not? Join Masayuki and his friends on a journey to find out!
Chapter 12: After Story

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016






Attack On Humanity


It’s another ordinary day at school. Everyday is the same  as I’d always wake up with the “same” cheesy phrase “Another day, another 100 at Seijoh Academy”. Me…. who am I? I’d like to know that my self. Everyone calls me Masayuki Hashimoto and so that’s been my name since I was born. Sometimes I wonder if it’s me or life that's just plain boring. With not much to do in our society, I mostly spend my time with so called “friends”. My reputation is known as a genius(nerd) in my school, I guess that might be the reason why everyone wants me to do their math homework. Anyways this is my story and how “it” all happened.


Today is January 24, 2342 and oh man is it freezing cold. We still had to go to school in the winter but then again I don’t seem like one to complain. I wake up at 4:30 in the morning everyday because it's one of the norms that must be followed. We really had no choice as to living life the way we want it to be, so it was all pretty boring. If we ever dared to break the rule three times in one week then our lives would flash in an instant as we lay slaughtered in the ground. Most people in society seemed to see it as a pretty reasonable thing to do as to using excuses like;

“It was to get rid of any traitors who might revolt”

. I really don’t care about society and it really didn’t seem to care about since the security is focused on adults. Japan is divided into 6 sections with huge walls called the Six Bukhari Walls Of Japan. The sections were divided into categories of toddlers, kids, teens, adults, warrior, and elder. The first four mentioned are based on age from 1-21. Once reaching adulthood, after 5 years you will be chosen by the elders to either join them or with the warriors. Being elder was incredibly rare as to being a warrior. Warriors have tough life as to almost always having to go to war and death was common in this division. This has caused fear in many people’s hearts. I had another 9 years to worry about that so I just focused on my grades. I am, Masayuki Hashimoto, a 17 year old living in a messed up world.

2:The Story Begins

“Hashimoto wake up we have to go to school”

Minako said in a soft voice trying to wake him up.

“Move aside Minako and let the master do it”

Akhira Mitsuo yelled in my ears, “Wake up you idiot!”

I jumped out of the bed yelling, “I was already awake you donut!”

“Now’s not the time to argue you two, we have to go to school by 6 am and it's already 5:15.” Minata said, breaking the fight. Oh shoot!

“I overslept for my first day of  senior year in highschool. “

“Way to live up your reputation, you meatball head.” Akhira teasingly stated.

“Show some… wait a minute, how did you guys get in my apartment”.

“Stupid Hashi-yuki, did you forget that you gave us spare keys to pick you up so we could walk together to school.” Minako said teasing him as well.

“I need better friends” I thought to myself. As we walked to school, I’ve realized how everyone has grown up. 17 year old female, Hiromi Minako has grown to be a matured young beautiful lady with pure red hair. 17 year old male, Akhira Mitsuo grown to be pretty stubborn but quite comedic. Me.. I’ve always been me and no one else. A boring soul trapped in a useless vessel. A while later we reached Seijoh Academy and it felt good to be back. School has started as everything seemed to be a very traditional Japanese classroom. Class has begun with an introduction of a new teacher and student.

3:New student, New relationship

Society rarely allows new student transfers from other parts of the world. This was shocking but then again the girl’s beauty had made up for the shock. She introduced herself in traditional manners as to writing her name in Japanese. The board had read:????(Katsumi Kayo). A blond haired girl with beauty written all over it and even her name meant gorgeously beautiful. My heart was racing, I fell in love and met someone of my dreams. She sat right next to me, my face was red as a tomato. Throughout class, I tried impressing her with my smarts but I realized I needed to step up my game since there were guys like,  Adam(athletic), Yuki Moto(fast), Carlos the guy with a great mexican accent, and Yamada who was really handsome. After school had ended I was exhausted so my friends said that they’d wait for me to finish packing up outside. As I was about to leave, Katsumi reached my hand and asked if I could give her a tour of the school and there would be no way of refusing that. What made it harder to refuse was when she had said,

“ You seem pretty smart, I would love to get a tour of the school any day with you, Hashimoto Senpai.”

I thought this only happens in tv’s when someone calls you senpai. Atleast someone respects me around here. We start the tour in class 1-A all the way to class 44-F. It was getting late and I had to go so I was about to say bye but then she said,

“ Senpai can we please go to the roof.”

I told her, “ It’s against the rules to go to the roof during night time”.

Yet she had kept begging so I had no choice. We went to the roof and felt the fresh air. She got closer and closer to me. My heart beat as I thought that it couldn’t have been more romantic to get my first kiss stolen by her in the rooftop at night. She crept closer and closer, but then it hit me, am I really that attractive? Minako would never kiss me then why would she. I was too smart too have realized what I didn’t want to.

“Ahhh!” I screamed

I’ve been stabbed with her fingernails that had seem to extend.

“How foolish of you to think less of me. You shouldn’t have been so wide open.” Katsumi boldly stated, demonically laughing. I had been stabbed off guard by this creature for indeed this was no human.

“What are you?” I said choking on my own blood.

“I’m your worst nightmare”Katsumi said showing her true self.

“I was sent by society to eliminate those who possess the skills of defeating us. I am a humanoid assassin.” Katsumi revealed her real name to be AKL-23.

“Hold it right there missy, I am the new teacher and I can’t allow this to happen.” Hijiro Naki yelled, shooting the humanoid with a WQT-25 tranquilizer.

I was about to thank him for saving me but that look in his eyes didn’t look of one of a “good-guy”. Before I knew it, I had been shot too but with a heavy metal bullet.

“Is this the end?”

4:Hashimoto Is Dead? Society’s Secret Elder Meetings

“Hijiro have you killed #2,094,812(Hashimoto) yet.” The elders in the meeting commanded for answers.

“Yes Boss, do I get any reward for killing him.” Hijiro said greedily. The elders replied with a deny for his reward for he had injured one of their top humanoids.

“That piece of junk couldn’t even finish blabbering before she had tried to kill him. My method was faster.” Hijiro yelled.

The elders had him executed for of only speaking for his rights. They picked up my dead corpse and put me back in my apartment to make it look as if it were a natural death.

“Hashimoto wake up.” Minako had said again with a soft voice.

“I thought I died, blood, gun shot, where, why, what?” I had panicked. Minako came closer and kissed me. It made me shut up and I was shocked. It was again too good to be true. I shouted “wake up” and tried as everything around me seemed to melt. I finally wake up to Akhira's yelling. I asked what day it was and the reply had shocked me.

“January 24, 2342, Hashi-Yuki” Minako said.

“Has life let redo and fix my mistakes?” Again, everything repeated. The girl, no... the creature, I had to kill it but how. I had stalled in every classroom tour to find weapons. It was time to go to the roof but this time, instead of feeling warmth of love I had felt frightened and terrified. I had no choice but to go. It came closer and right about to stab me.

5:Revived, Chosen One, Book Of Death!


light has shown with a book floating in mid-air and a voice saying,

“You have been chosen, for you haven’t hesitated to have face death a second time. Now it is your turn to kill, your turn to free all of this evil society, your turn to be the new hero. Do you wish to live, do you wish to be that hero, then play this game of war for the victor shall be chosen.” Hashimoto(I) yelled out,

“Let me play this game, to kill those of evil for I shall not become corrupt.”. Lightning had blasted through the clouds and appeared a book of death, a book to kill, a book to win this crazy game. Hashimoto(I) had grabbed the book and it had instructed him to write their names for death in a range of 30 seconds. The creature had flinched back, frightened. I wrote her name, Katsumi Kayo.

“Now Die!” I shouted demonically.

Then I’d realize that wasn’t her real name. I quickly wrote AKL-23 since she had been frightened by that book. She had died in a mere 30 seconds. I then quickly wrote the teacher’s name down and questioned why he still came and is laughing behind me. I realized I screwed up. The new instructions appeared to say,

“You must have the image of the person in your head in order to kill them.” It’s all over, I had never seen him since he had shot me from the back. If I turn around I will be killed. I told him to fight me like a man. It sure was a good thing that he was cocky so he wanted to show me how he can beat me face to face.

“What a fool he was, Now he will die in a range of 30 seconds.” I laugh demonically. He starts to choke and his last words were,

“why you…” . I feel like a psychopath now, having killed a human and a humanoid.  

6:Banned Elder, The Past

I killed someone. I killed someone. I … what did I do?! It was for self defence, yah self defence.” I shall free everyone.

“The game has begun Hashimoto, I hope you are prepared. This means war!” 7 voices had said synchronized in one. I have power limited to names and images while they have many more. I shall train to be stronger. I looked through the book and found a very horrific image. Thousands of names have been written in the back of the page he had written in.

“WHY?!WHY?!WHY?! what is all this?, answer me!” The voice has responded,

“200 years ago it all started. The game to defeat society. As you can see now, society had won. The game begins with a guy named Madara Uchihara. He was once an elder of this society. He had realized the evil his own friends had done to the people and revolted. This affected the society by executing rule breakers to make sure no one else would revolt. When he had revolted, he used the exact book and lost. He alone wasn’t enough to beat society. That was the end of him and because of the advanced technology, the society had erased everyone’s memories of that of 200 years ago. The society had been influenced also by the book, “The Giver”. It all started with one man who is still one of the seven elders. He started this lunatic society. You have now to decide if you want to give up.” You make me laugh old man. I never give up and the only reason he lost is because he was fighting alone, but not me I have more, more than I will ever need, I have friends.

7:Hashimoto and This Army!

I will destroy this society and make a new one that will be of pure good. The elders had planned to kill all of humanity.

“I suspect only one of them is human and the rest are humanoids, isn’t that , elders?!” I shouted.

“What a clever boy you are” elders stated demonically laughing.

“You shall never beat us, Hashimoto”. elder stated attempting to discourage them

“Just shut up already!”

I ran to Minako and Akhira and told them everything. Akhira laughed at me but Minako agreed to help me which finally made Akhira shut up and just go along. The light came again granting each weapons and powers. Minano with the ability to heal others and Akhira can do ninja skills and throw shurikens.We then gathered 4 warriors who had passionate envy and hate against elders being superior. They were, Itachi, Kenji, Kyoya, and Ryuga. Itachi has the power to use katanas as a samurai skilled fighter. He can also kill using shadows to trap people and suck their soul away from their vessels. Kenji can use hydro pump with 450,000 tons of water blasting at 4,200 miles per hour. Who ever said that water couldn’t kill. Kyoya  is a warrior who is as deadly as they come. He has a pet lion whose bites are deadly and Kyoya himself has amazing physical strength with ultra speed. Ryuga has the powers of an eternally blazing fire dragon. He burns his foes to ashes and can kill from a distant by only raising one hand. These seven prepare to fight the seven elders.

“How clever, how did you know that the rest of the population are self destructing drones.” the elders said replying to his choice.

“I just got lucky, I guess.” This is my army that will defeat yours, I hope your ready for the ultimate showdown!

8:Hashimoto’s warriors

All the elders come down to society and are ready for war.

“You corrupt men shall face the wrath of my army.” I shout with hatred.

“The outcome shall be opposite.”One elder shouted.

“My name is Danichi, remember the elder who beats you.”

“You cowards, wearing masks!” I shout at my disadvantage.

Kenji you fight first against Danichi.

“You think we’re gonna wait to see who wins? We all fight now.”one elder commands.

The elder in the middle kills him.

“Whoever makes foolish comments shall die.” shocking all elders.

Kenji and Danichi were fighting for a whole 47 minutes and Kenji blasts Danichi’s arm off with a hydro blast. Kenji is too slow and gets slaughtered so I wrote his name and needed Akhira to break his mask by throwing a shuriken. In 30 seconds Danichi died. Now it’s 5 to 6 with us winning by won. Minako can’t heal the dead, nobody can. That was Kenji’s last battle. Ryuga decided to kill 2 of them by doing suicide by one dodged and fell into the trap of kyoya’s lion, getting eaten alive. Now it is 3 to 5.  

“You shouldn’t cheat.” main elder kills kyoya with his bare hand slicing through his body.

Now 3 to 4.

“The real battle begins now!!! You shall pay for killing my warriors!” I yelled in hatred to get vengeance for my comrades who have died to fight evil.

9:Hashimoto’s Warriors VS Elders/?????

Hashimoto Versus Leader(200+years old)

“Itachi!!, kill them, Akhira take on the other elder, Minako back up them both, I will take on the leader.” I commanded angrily at the elders who’ve taken the lives of my comrades. Itachi, Akhira, Minako, both elders, they are get murdered in front of me by the leader.

“How could you!!!...even your own comrades!”I’ve shouted so furious.

“They were mere bugs in the way of our fight.” Shouted the leader.

“I can’t beat him, how can I win?”I thought in my head

“ Give up, your book is useless without knowing my identity.” laughing demonically at me.

“How dare you underestimate me!” I shouted as light shined through my body.

“what?!”elder said shocked.

“ Excalibur come forth and let me wield you afront my foe in battle for time has come to slaughter those of pure evil.” I had wielded Excalibur in my hand.

“Now give up, for I have the legendary sword and not only that but the skills to possess it.” I shouted arrogantly.

“Why this might be a rather interesting fight.”laughed demonically. He removed his mask and said,

“ Masayuki Hashimoto, I am your father!!! My name is Masaraja Hashimoto and I possess the power to slaughter Excalibur, I summon the world’s most powerful and darkest, most evilest swords, Daliburn and Caliburn combine into one. I reveal to you Dacliburn. Now die son for you are a failure who I’ve known would meddle with my plan to annihilate the world.”

10:Masayuki Hashimoto vs Masaraja Hashimoto

Excalibur VS Dacliburn

“You tell me that you’re my father so do you expect me to spare you after you have killed millions of people, my army, my friend, and the person that I love the most.” I shouted unsympathetically to him.
“ Enough talk, I have awaited for more than 200 years for this, I shall end this now.

“I have clashed with my so called “father” but I am about to lose for Excalibur is not enough.” I mumbled.

“You see son, you cannot defeat me.” he said laughing.

“You’re right Excalibur alone can’t defeat you but my heart and everyone else’s can.” I shouted compassionately.

“I don’t know what’s worse, you’re fighting style or the cheesy lines.”Insulting me.

“Father I did that to distract you to have only write your name in my collection in the Book of Death.” I laughed.

“Nooo! you’re smarter than I thought.” Father mumbled.

“You’re no father, just die!” I raged in anger and sliced through his body with Excalibur.

“I won, I won, Iwon!” I shouted in joy.

“The war between the warriors and elders are over!” said the voice

“I know who you are, give it up.” I shouted being my clever self and all.

“No, you don’t”said the voice nervously.

“You are….”

11:Masayuki Hashimoto’s Legacy/ The Voice Revealed

“You are Madara Uchihara and you revolted while actually winning, you have created these society and we were all your puppets for entertainment.” I shouted with such confidence.

“Now the world has nothing to offer for you because I will always end up beating it no matter what.”I start to sound a little cocky.

“The whole society was fake and to have created a dystopian society for me to beat, you really are something.” I said grinning at him.

“Now it’s my turn to be in power and the first thing I do is get rid of you and your horrible, cruel, evil society.” I shouted and yelled to make him come down to society.

“How are you going to escape?” Madara challenged my intelligence. I threw Excalibur up and ripped through the skies, cloud, and everything.

“How’d you…” Madara became shocked.

“The moment you used the word game, I knew that this was all fake and just for your entertainment.” I said so clevery.

“You are now given power to make society the way you want it to be and can be entertained with it.” He stated as a man of his words.

“I don’t want to be the creator of society but instead apart of society.” I’ve stated wisely.

“Why give up so much power?”Madara said shocked at my reply.

“Madara you have many more things to learn about society and the world itself.” I started, teaching Madara a lesson about the world.

“Madara, you must always remember this that the world is not something you run yourself, everyone is apart of it. Let the world be, let it be itself without intervening with society.”

THE END !?!?!?!


Chapter 12 Special: After Story/The Old World Is Back!

Today is September 1, 2574 and the world is back to how it used to be. It took a little more than 200 years but it was worth it to have all of humanity. I lived through the worst and everyone remembers the past as much as me.

“Who is everyone?, you might be asking.” I replied to the world

“The one’s that have died were fakes and the real ones were here in the next page of a new life.” Saying wisely.

“Now live the way you want to live with no one stopping you.” I said compassionately.

“For I have been cursed with immortality, having seen my loved one to go by.” I’ve said sadly.

“This however does not exclude me from happiness.” I smiled back again.

“We shall carry on your legacy, sir!” The world has yelled proudly.

“Now live my people, live to enjoy your life to the fullest!”I would say.

“ Father I shall live life full of happiness and joy to your honor. I will carry out the legacy of you for it is time for you to go” My son had shouted with joy.

I left the world with a silent goodbye and always watched over everyone,

“ For there shall be a day where humanity will crumble upon their own arrogance, greediness, and self control.” I had known what shall of happen again in the future that awaits humanity.

My son had been destined to be the new hero of when that day comes.

“ I leave this world to my son, who shall be immortal till that day comes again where humanity is under society’s eyes.” The new legacy of my son has just begun.


Next story: Hashimoto’s Son’s Legacy






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