Lost Connections

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

i don't know.
i probably shoudn't be doing this when i'm depressed.

His ferocity peaked, his gaze was sour and his pupils a cold black.  Sauce ran down his shirt staining the fabric on its passage of ridicule.  The cafeteria had gone quiet.


In his fist was a torn school collar, worn by the boy who had spilled food on his shirt.  Eric’s short temper was clearly evident.


The boy had a blood nose from where Eric’s fist had decided to pay it a visit.  Eric grunted as he gazed at the terrified on-lookers and asked himself why he’d gone so far?


Eric was a large boy who kept to himself, he’d been going to his table to sit alone and eat in peace. …he shrugged and dropped the boy who scampered away as soon as his collar had been released. Eric heard him mumble apologies as he ran.


With so many eyes staring at him Eric was engulfed in dread.  Darkness enveloped him and voices began to chant, ‘monster’ a female voiced snarled.  A male voice added ‘freak’.  He crumbled to his knees.  Bullying was frightening and he wasn’t used to such torment.


‘Shut up’ Eric growled feeling resentment and anger screaming for release. The colour of his eyes changed erratically with his mood, his pupils were now dull grey. The voices continued chanting, causing his body to rock forward and back as he quietly whispered ‘shut up, shut up…’


A bright light broke through the invading darkness.  He was captivated.  Where had it come from? It seemed to break through the darkness like a door which he stepped into.


On the other side of the darkness was a cliff.  It was night and a chill wind blew - he’d left his jumper home – and it stung like a thousand bees. 


Waves crashed against the rocks at the bottom of the curved cliff.  ‘Where am I?  Eric mumbled as he stood at the edge and peered down.  His tall finger tipped over and he felt no fear as he plummeted to what he thought would be his death.


“Wherever you need to be,” he heard a soft voice whisper, as if from a long distance. He blinked and the rocks disappeared.


 He lay on a bed which was in their place.  Turning onto his back he stared at the white ceiling. The room had no windows; no doors, no decorations, no smells and no sounds.  He sat up, pushing himself out of bed. He turned back. The bed was gone.

“What…?” Eric exclaimed, his voice inaudible to his ears.


“Is it not to your liking?” A woman asked as she walked in, through a door that evaporated into the blankness. She wore no clothing and her breasts lacked nipples. She had no hair whatsoever on her body, but on her head was hair of various colours.  Colours which matched her multi-coloured eyes. “I can change it, if that would make you more comfortable.”


“No… no it’s fine,” he answered feebly, whilst his cheeks blushed cherry red. “Who are you?”

She started to laugh, which made Eric stare at her. Had he said something wrong?“I am you, I am your love, your devotion, all of your traits.” she explained as she walked slowly towards him. Her body seemed to grow longer, till she stood a metre away from him - her height the same as his


“I don’t understand,” he saw her lips start to form, where they once were just pale flesh, then turned into a smile. She said nothing. “How can you be me, you’re a woman?” He gulped “You’re just a figment of my imagination,”


“Perhaps,” she reached up to press her finger against his scalp. He gasped, it had touched him. He knew her finger had touched him, yet he felt nothing. “But, your imagination is just as much part of you, as your personality,” she started to giggle “I am to you, what a hunter’s instinct is to a leopard” her hands cupped against his cheeks.


“I still don’t understand,” he muttered. He took hold of her wrists and pushed her away, till she dispersed into nothing. A few moments of silence. “I know you’re not gone.”

Stillness – then a new doorway of light opened. The mother he knew as a child smiled lovingly at him as he stepped through.


He stood in a wooden hallway. Dust covered the brown walls, making them a murky gray. His hand pressed against the wall and removed the dust. When his hand pulled away, he stared into a dark hole where his hand had been. 


“Hun, come on,” Elicia called, which made Eric’ mouth drop open. He knew this day, but it was a faded memory. He remembered something happened on this day, but the memory was evasive – he couldn’t make it clear.  Eric shook his head and ran after his mother, who was standing at the door.



Outside, the world was alive with beautiful colours and boys playing soccer on the oval. Eric walked past his mother, realizing that he was shorter than her and his voice was a more highly pitched.  He heard the roar of his father’s car which was parked down the driveway.  Eric stared in awe as he took in all the sounds and smells. 


He started to giggle as Elicia’s hand ruffled his hair, making it messy.  ‘Mom…!’ Eric whined grabbing her hand.  She giggled. Her touch was exhilarating, he had forgotten her touch, as well as her smile. Elicia took his hand and gently started to pull him towards the car, the engine roared. Eric jumped.

“It’s ok, sweetheart,” Elicia whispered. She picked him up and held him in her arms.


He giggled as she swung him around then kissed his forehead gently. “My special little guy’.  Eric could not be happier as he ran to his father’s loud, black car. He was a metre away from the automobile. The world spiraled and he was suddenly in the car, far away from their house.


He was crying. His mother and father were fighting.  “You never help!” Elicia screamed at Trent, which made him look away from the road.



‘I work all day for you, can’t I come home to peace and quiet?

Trent barked, swerving away from a red car.  The driver honked loudly, making Trent madder. 


‘I won’t be stuck home cleaning up your shit all day’ she snapped and crossed her arms.  Trent broke and slapped her, making her cheek scarlet.  Eric was still crying. What had happened?



Trent and Elicia went silent. Eric started to simmer down. “I want a divorce,” Elicia muttered after a moment of eerie silence. Trent sighed.


“Look I just…“ Trent groaned as Elicia cut him off.


“I’m not doing this shit again, Trent,” She whispered. Her voice was rank with anger and pain. Eric sobbed quietly. “I have to be happy sometime”


“Just… just give me another chance,” Trent began, taking his gaze from the road, the car swerved. “We just need help”.  But Elicia wasn’t listening.  She was staring in terror at the road ahead. Eric didn’t have time to look. He heard the sound of a car’s horn as his father’s car smashed into it.


The world seemed to stand still for Eric, as their car flipped on its side and his father tried desperately to keep control. They sped towards a tree, which crushed the front of the car, smashing the glass into his parent’s bodies. Eric passed out from shock.



Minutes later he woke – a hand was pulling him out from the wreckage. His eyelids fluttered. Eric could smell blood and smoke. “M-mommy…?”  He didn’t hear the voice that spoke to him because his ears were ringing.  The figure pulled him out and held him softly in its arms.



His vision started to clear and he realised the man that was carrying him, was a fireman. “It’s ok, kid,” His savior whispered to him.


Where was Mom and Dad? Eric used what little strength he had to look around. He saw many figures staring at him. There were two black bags on the floor beside an ambulance. Inside the bags two figures lay. Still and silent. Elicia and Trent.


Sheer pain clouded over him and he squirmed to break free from the strong fireman. The man held him close and whispered “I’m sorry” Eric watched, as men zipped up the still bodies of his only family. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and his chin trembled.


“Now you see what I am” A feminine voice called and everyone froze. “I am your pain, your misery, I am everything that makes you unique and different from the world,” The woman appeared out of thin air. She had blood dripping down her cheeks, from her eyes. The mystery woman was floating. “I’m sorry I had to put you through such pain.” She blinked. “This is the day the real Eric died”.

Submitted: August 23, 2016

© Copyright 2021 David F. Wolf. All rights reserved.

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