50 Shades of Chelone

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I created this for two of my friends, whom I love dearly.

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



Sliding herself into the comfort of her soft and elegantly designed bed, Chelsea sighed and closed her eyes to void herself of the endless days and nights she spent alone. A ring echoed down the halls, catching her attention and focus. Her eyes opened and she sprang up and grabbed her iphone. Softly, one of her hands curled up to rub against her eyelid: She was exhausted. Her body was clad in light blue pyjamas, with small pig heads littered across the fabric, smiling out to the world around them.


Chelsea shivered as a chill crept its way into her room. Her finger pulled across the screen, her gaze staring down at the light that pierced through the darkness of the world. Her finger dragged itself from screen to screen, trying to find the alert that kept her from her slumber. Her phone shook in her grasp.


Chelsea smiled as she opened the app and noticed who had sent the notification: Tyrone. Her finger touched down on his name, hoping to find a clearer message of what he sent. She stared down at the words 'Hey, you up sweetpea?' Tyrone had asked, making Chelsea smile. Yawning softly, she typed her response slowly, 'I might be.' She sent, her legs folding over one another, sitting Indian style.




'I'm sorry we haven't talked much' Tyrone replied after a few minutes of silence. Chelsea had almost gone back to trying to sleep. Her eyes had bags under them, her blonde hair was a mess of knots. She bit her lip and responded with 'It’s ok, I'm used to it'



Tyrone had gone quiet, leaving Chelsea waiting tiredly. She sat for minutes, which felt like hours. Until she finally saw a new message from him, saying 'You won't be, not any more. I won't allow it.' Making her giggle solemnly to herself, her legs starting to bounce and her vocals starting to vibrate as they allowed her to hum quietly.


'What are you going to do about it?' Chelsea retorted, grinning to herself in victory. She heard the sound of her front door being knocked on. She went to stand up, carrying her phone. Silence for a few moments, till she heard the knocks again. Which were cut short as the door swung open. She heard her mother’s voice, then a man's.


Her feet touched to the floor boards as she slowly crawled her way out of bed, into the hall way just as her phone buzzed again in her grasp. She swiped it open and stopped. 'You'll see soon.' Tyrone had replied, a new feeling of curiousness flooded over the small damsel. She started crawling to her door again, her hand wrapping around the door handle and twisting it open. The house was lit up, and down the hall was her mother, still talking to an unknown person.


She put her phone in her pocket. Unconsciously, she started walking down the hallway. Curious to see the man that continued speaking with her mother, his voice rung within Chelsea's mind, like she knew him. Silent as a feather she stepped cautiously closer, till she peered over her mother’s shoulder. Her heart fluttered: there, standing in front of them, was Tyrone.


He was unmistakable, his voice was like a million angels singing throughout the night. He stopped talking suddenly, obviously seeing her. She darted back behind her mother and prayed quietly, secretly hoping he had caught her.


Her mother turned around and released a surprised gasp. Chelsea's cheeks went a cherry red. Tyrone spared no time as he moved to her, his arms instantly wrapping around her body. Pulling her head into his chest, making Chelsea whimper shyly. Feeling his warmth travel in to her.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing or feeling, how could Tyrone be here? She thought, wrapping her arms around the much taller man, she wept gently. “There, there, hun. It's alright,” he whispered, holding her closer to him. She could feel his heartbeat like a drum in her ear, telling her that she wasn't dreaming.


Chelsea heard her mother’s awkward shuffling, then he exit without a word said. She started giggling as she sobbed against him. “You can't be here,” she whimpered. “This is just a dream... it has to be...” Her body held onto his for dear life, she felt the rising and falling of his chest. It soothed her aching body.


“It isn't, and I am.” She heard him respond, his voice prickled with sorrow. Chelsea gasped, feeling his hands moving up to her chin, tilting her up to gaze into his eyes. Her lips broke open to ask him something, to instead release a mixture of a gasp and moan as his lips brought themselves down to lock against hers. Pleasure flooded into her whilst her body gave up and went limp at his touch and grasp. She closed her eyes, feeling his power as his tongue forced its way into her mouth, as if it belonged there.


Her back started to arch as her mind lost control over her body. She felt like unlocking their lips, but her body only thirsted for more. He had begun to smile, she could tell. His breath was hot on her skin, making her cheeks flush an even deeper crimson. Their tongues melded together and played with one another.


Tyrone pulled away slowly. Their lips were wet with each other’s saliva and taste, glistening in the light of the hallway. Chelsea couldn't move, stuck there staring up at the ceiling with Tyrone’s arm around her waist to keep her upright. She heard him start to laugh, gently. Making her flare up with giggles.


“You never change, sweetpea” he said, licking his lips slowly. Making Chelsea blush again. Not wanting him to see her pull her lips into her mouth, trying to savour his rich, heavenly musk. “I want you to come with me, I have a surprise for you.”


“Another one?” Chelsea replied, pushing herself up on her toes to place a quick kiss against his again. She thought she was being sweet and caring, she wanted to be. Her mind danced with anticipation and appreciation, she was still unable to believe he was truly here. She hadn't ever met him before, or thought she ever would. But, here he was.


He nodded slowly, looking over her shoulder. “I've discussed it with your mum, she was hesitant but said we could have the night.” He muttered, slowly starting to pull her out the door, into the dark, cold night. Chelsea shivered, making him stop. Tyrone wasn't the smartest of men, but he knew she wasn't going to enjoy the trip unless she was warm.


She let out a little 'eep' as Tyrone suddenly pushed her gently away, she reacted by trying to reattach herself to him, her hands outstretched. Suddenly she stopped and watched as he started to pull off his woollen jumper, leaving him with only a black tank-top and blue jeans. He smiled at her, making her blush again.


Tyrone threw the jumper to her, making her arms outstretch wildly to catch it. She didn't want to make a fool of herself. Warmth reignited her body at the warm touch of the fabric, forcing her into submission. She pulled it on slowly, the clothing smelled of Tyrone, making her love it even more. Through the darkness, she saw only his body and his kind, deep green eyes matched with a tender, loving smile.


She had another thought of kissing him, how could he be strong enough to deal with the cold? She bit her bottom lip and started walking to him again. His smile changed into a devilish grin whilst she padded her way towards him. Suddenly yelping out in surprise, she felt his arms wrap under her legs and behind her back. Being picked up in his strong, defined arms.


She felt like a new born babe, staring up at an angel; a dark, mysterious angel, come to save her from a life of strife and sadness. Tyrone avoided her gaze, making her think she had done something wrong. He started walking down her front yard, along steps of moulded and cracked stone steps cutting through green grass, illuminated by the light of her house. The grass swayed and danced as Tyrone's boots passed by their green bodies.


“Tyrone...?” Chelsea whimpered, her hands curling around the nape of his tank-top, feeling his bare and defined chest underneath. She sighed and rested herself in his grasp, feeling safe. Around them, the light of her home diminished and was replaced by encroaching darkness. With the blackness around them, came new sounds of animals carried on the wind like little messages from a far. Tyrone's pale skin turned an even lighter shade as the chill bit at him, making him wince in despair. He kept walking.


Chelsea turned back, to be met with the sight of her mother. Standing at the door, blocking the light. She smiled at them, unknowing that Chelsea was watching. “I love you, mum,” she whispered into the wind. Her mother smiled, making her wonder if she had heard her whisper. The remainder of the light started being consumed by darkness as she watched her mother slowly close the door.


She readied herself as Tyrone came to his car; a black corvette, rented out by a company she couldn't pronounce. The seats inside were custom made, black leather, inscribed with the letters T and C in red, with a skull engulfed in flame matched behind them. Other than the front seats, the car was mostly black with the occasional glitter of silver rimming around the edges. The windows to the car were tinted to the same shade as the rest of the car, it looked like a shadow at night.


A sudden change occurred as Tyrone pulled out his keys and unlocked the shadowed machine. He stepped out in front of her and pulled the dark door open, making her peer inside. Feeling her heard jump, she leapt in without hesitation, buckled her seat belt and waited for Tyrone to turn the beast on. Tyrone slowly closed her door, leaving her alone to peer out the front windscreen. She saw a street light, fluttering in the darkness. The rest of the lights along her street were off, with the occasional exception to the couple down the road, they come back late from work and argue. It frightens Chelsea when they fight.


She crossed her legs under the seat, leaning down to adjust the angle of it and how far forward it was to the front dashboard. Her gaze watched as the driver’s door was pulled open and Tyrone stepped in, closing it behind him. He was staring at her, frowning. “Is... something wrong?” she questioned, her hand coming up to twirl through her strands of hair.


“I forgot how beautiful you are, that's all.” He replied, frowning still. His comment made her blush even greater and avoid his gaze, like the blush was a curse that would be contagious. It turned out to be, as Tyrone was blushing as-well. “Well, we better go” he muttered, sliding his car keys in and turning on the tamed beast.


The roar of adrenaline made her smile, hearing him change gear. The aroma of his musk refilled her nostrils, making them flare up with envy and enjoyment. His jumper was comfortable and she made that evidently clear as she buried her maw further into the fabric for warmth. Her eyes glistening with affection as their gazes reconnected again.


She glanced away shyly, twiddling her thumbs over one another slowly. The car was vibrating, making her breasts jiggle in the same fashion.  She hugged her breasts close as she caught his gaze wandering, she tutted lowly. “Can ya' blame me?” he joked, making her roll her eyes. Smiling slightly. She wouldn't admit that she liked it. Her gaze turned to stare at her house, wondering to herself whether her mother was truly ok with him taking her.


“How'd you even get her?” she asked, leaning forward to rest her elbows against the door, with her head supported by her hands. Staring out into the dim light of her mother’s room, the only room with a light left on. It quickly vanished, making Chelsea frown solemnly. The car slowly turned out onto the road.


“A plane, dummy” he laughed, his big smile evidently consuming his face. She turned back to him, her eyebrows furrowing. He was staring at her. His gaze quickly changed to the road, the tension in the car made Chelsea feel stuffed, like she couldn't breathe. The window quickly bent to her will as she pushed down upon the unwind button. Pushing her head out to breathe in the fresh air, she picked up fresh scents of barbecues and various foods being made as they drove by houses. She pulled back into the car, feeling the seat adhere to her command, supporting her body whilst being comfortable as a bed of flowers.


“Really?” she questioned, turning to stare at him. Smiling to herself, noticing that his eyes were on the road and not on her breasts or bum. “How long did that take?”


“A few hours, five I think,” he answered, his gaze turning as he turned the car onto a main road, with no car in sight. “Why? Are you still worried that I'm not real?” he was smiling at her, then he changed gear.


“No... I just...” she responded, biting her lip. “Maybe...”


“I'm real, sweetpea,” he concluded, his voice allowing for no argument. She gasped as a sudden bump in the road caused the car to hop momentarily. Her pyjama shirt pulled up to reveal her belly button and would've threatened to show more if her hands hadn't moved to tug them down. “As real as your belly is cute.” he winked at her mockingly. Chelsea grumbled and crossed her arms, avoiding his gaze and pouting. She glanced out the window, seeing trees clad in the darkness of the night, footpaths of worn out stone and silhouettes dancing in the moonlight. It felt as if the world was at rest, she could only hear the sounds of the wind through the streets. Her body felt the chilling touch of mother nature's frost and peaceful fury creeping down the nape of her spine. Suddenly her body remembered how exhausted school had made it, forcing her mouth open into a yawn that surprised Chelsea at its sounding.


“Adorable,” Tyrone exclaimed silently, changing gear again as they felt the rumble of the car in the night. It was certainly not a quiet thing, or inexpensive but it made the night seem that much more beautiful for the two. “How's school?”


“Bad,” she smiled and rolled her eyes again, her hand moving to gently place itself against his. “It's always been bad, sweetpea” she mimicked, making her giggle. Her hands moved down to caress her stomach, cuddling herself. Their breath visible due to winter's bite. Chelsea's thumb gently caressed against Tyrone’s palm, making him smile. She didn't know how to be romantic, so she just did what she felt was right. She wasn't old enough for a license yet, but she didn't feel she needed one.


“Like you don't love me calling you that, Chel” he argued, turning to her and sticking his tongue out for a quick, playful raspberry.


She made a small 'hmph' and crossed her arms again, pretending to be angry. She could tell it had worked, as she watched him frown in the mirror. “Maybe I do”


He smiled, happily humming to himself. His vocals seemed to pierce into Chelsea's subconscious and drag her in, it was utterly amazing to her that he could sing so well. Not that she'd ever tell him that. Something in her mind pricked and she suddenly remembered the song he had started humming, her vocals joined alongside his. Making them both smile.


Abruptly, the car turned and pulled up into a drive way. Chelsea looked on in disgust, the house they had stopped in front of wasn't a beautiful sight to her eyes. She could help change that, however. The roof of the house was a faded shade of red, the drive way was dirtied over time from constant use. The front lawn had turned a strange shade of brown from what she could tell, as the front light was her only source of illumination. The building was a milky yellow, made up of cracked and moulded over bricks, badly plastered together. It had two front windows with no curtains to keep their rooms private. There was a garage that Tyrone seemed to have no inclination of putting his rented car into, which made Chelsea worried. What exactly was in there? She thought, pouting.


“Why're we here, Tyr?” she questioned, gazing at him then the house. He started laughing awkwardly and scratched the back of his scalp.


“This is where I live now” he answered. She suddenly looked on the house with new appreciation and a brightness to her gaze, was this the surprise that he wanted to show her? He got out of the car, his hand still locked to the top of his darkly tinted door. Chelsea stared at his blue jeans in the darkness. Like a gentleman, he walked around to the passenger side and pulled the door open, making Chelsea blush as his hand outstretched.

© Copyright 2018 David F. Wolf. All rights reserved.

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