This Dark Place

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A man finds himself in an empty restaurant and cannot escape. Nothing seems to make sense in here. One minute everything is okay and the next the lights are malfunctioning. Something's out there in the dark what is it? He only knows its out for blood.

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016



I don’t know how I got here; actually I don’t even know where I am exactly, if I am anywhere at all. My memories are non-existent, like I’ve never had any in the first place.

I'm in a Tim Horton's, sitting in an empty booth. The whole place is trashed. Chairs and tables knocked over as if a tornado had swept through. One of the more noticeable features of the restaurant, was that there was newspapers and documents floating in midair. The papers float around like they were in a zero gravity chamber.  The lights flicker occasionally and the world around me has somewhat of a greyish tone. Before I get out of my booth I look outside through the window and am confused by what I see. There’s nothing out there, it’s just black. I walk over to where the door should be and there’s nothing there except a solid panel of glass. I walk back to my booth and on my table is a banana bowl filled to the brim with poutine and a fork. I sit down and begin to take a bite. Disgust fills my mouth as I choke trying to spit the food out. The fries had an unnerving, rotten taste to them. I look at my meal and see that it’s not fries id been eating, it was human fingers.

I shriek and fall out of my booth, stunned. The lights cut out and turn back on but flicker more intensely. It dawns on me that since the beginning, I’ve been here alone. The whole place had been vacant. I sluggishly throw myself forward while running to the bathroom. I hurdle into the door and fall onto the bathroom floor. My hands are still shaking with, uncertainty and fear as things continue to grow more and more unclear. I rise and turn the tap to try to wash my mouth out. Not surprisingly, there’s no water and now that I think about it, I don’t taste anything. Relieved, I look up into the mirror and see that something’s written in dark red lipstick. I look closer and it says “You killed her”. Dumbfounded I stand my ground trying to make sense of the writing. The mirror shatters and I stumble backwards. Within a heartbeat, the sound of a blood curdling scream fills the building. I fumble out of the bathroom, my head is spinning and feels like it’s about to fall off my shoulders. I notice that the lights are working okay now and that the restaurant looked normal. I quickly check back in the bathroom and the mirror is fixed and there’s writing on the wall now. It says “She’s gone because of you”. I shift out of the bathroom and stare quietly at what I see. The tables and chairs were neatly in their regular spots. No garbage or paper floating around. The place looked like it should.


My heart skips a beat as I walk back to my booth. I calmly sit down and begin questioning myself. Did any of that really happen? I wonder how long I’ve been here. I brain storm ideas about my situation and come up with a few ideas. This must be a dream, there’s no way this is reality. Things like this couldn’t possibly happen, nothing makes sense. Out of fear and anger I pick up a chair and throw it at the window hoping to break it. My attempts are fruitless as the glass seems impenetrable. I sit hopelessly hoping to wake up soon. I check my pockets hoping to find something. Mostly empty but I strike gold with the last pocket I check. I pull out a small picture. A girl and I are hugging and we look so happy together. I feel like this picture is very important to me but I can’t muster up any memory about it. The picture brings me joy and hope. I blink and to my dismay, her face is now scratched out. I look closer at the photo and I realize I can’t remember her face. frustrated I slam my fist onto the table, causing my skin to tear. As my blood drips from my now-soaked hand, I feel the pain. I look back at my picture and see that my face had also changed. I look the same, yet I can’t exactly recognize myself. The joy and hope I felt moments before is gone and replaced with feeling lost and ultimately alone.


The lights cut out for a brief  second. They turn back on and the building is trashed again. I know I'm not dreaming because of the pain I feel in my hand. I'm filled with a sudden burst of emotion, not fear or anxiety but survival. the lights stay steady as I look for a way out. I hear a noise and stop dead in my tracks. If I had a heart condition probably would have died from heart attack. My palms sweat noticeably as I slowly turn around deathly afraid. There’s a women behind the counter cutting what looks like fruit. She notices me and looks up, the knife comes swinging down in a steady movement and cuts right through her fingers. She stares at me and doesn’t react until she looks down, she screams and it’s the same scream I heard before. The moment she begins screaming I join her, screaming at the top of my lungs, hoping all of this would end. The lights dim and my field of vision is drastically lowered. The already dim light begins to flicker. The lady behind the counter has disappeared and I'm slightly relieved, thinking she’s just a hallucination. I take a step forward and bump into something. It wasn’t just something, it was the lady. I looked right at her and I see that her face was horrible disfigured and demented. she’s got a knife in her hand and without thinking I push her out of the way and run tripping over everything that had been knocked over. On cue, she chases me. Screaming in a demonic voice “you’re a murder” “what now?” “you’re mine now, I'm going to tear your skin off and eat you alive”. I don’t even think of replying as I’m tripping over everything trying to get away. The lights are still dim and flickering. There’s nowhere to run except the bathroom. As soon as I get past the door I lock the it behind me and cry hysterically. I drop the floor and crawl backwards towards the wall. The lights don’t stop flickering  and I stare at the door. After a minute, nothing happens. I sneak in a quick breather and feeling something crawling on my hand. I jolt my hand away and fling a cockroach across the room. The lights flicker and the room is suddenly filled with cockroaches. My entire being drowns in panic. The door slams open and the women drags herself toward me, knife in hand. My  consciousness begins to fade slightly and I re open my eyes and her face is right in front of mine as she releases one more blood curdling scream and everything goes black.

I must have passed out. I awake in a booth and for a short lived second I think it was all a dream. That is, until I look around and I'm still in the same Tim Horton's. I stand up and wearily walk to the door. To my surprise, the door is actually there and I'm relieved. I open it and walk through. Instead of being outside. The door just led to a MacDonald’s. I see that there is a line up and I go to order. My heart drops into my stomach as I look at the people that fill the MacDonald’s. Is almost as if they are all frozen in time. They all just stand stuck with no expression. With all my might I throw myself back towards where I came into the building. The door I came from is gone. There’s nothing but a wall. I drop to my knees banging on the bricks with my bloody hand, crying and screaming pleading to be helped. I look back at the line up and everyone in the store is now turned to me while they maintain their statue like form. I scream even more and look back at the wall, in my own blood the name “Miranda” is written. My own screams begin to deafen me as my ears start to bleed. I take another glance at the line up and this time everyone is directly behind me. Faces horribly cut up and disfigured, I manage to scream one…….last……time.


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