End Intent

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Oppressed smart girl that has had enough of the endless fuckery that is happening in her life and karma is taking it's sweet time. It's only an Epilogue. I will add to it chapter by chapter.

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016




When I felt a crunch under my foot, I knew I had broken his rib cage. As a medical student I should have known that there would be a chance that the rib fragments might puncture the organs it protects. However, in that moment my brain didn’t register anything. Although there were violent movements, impressive force and banshee screams, there was nothing in side of my head. This never happens. Normally my head is full. This shouldn’t have happened. But it did. Crack. I think I broke his sternum with my right foot. Why am I not stopping?  His screams are making me angry. That hole in his face is making me angry. His face is making me angry. Expressions of pain and dread on his face. It makes me angry. It has made me angry for years. All it took was five, maybe six, kicks to the side of his head to make the hole quiet.

When everything was still, my brain awoke. The fist sensation I got was the smell of pennies. And then the taste. Blood was pooling into my mouth. Was I biting my lip? My shoes were sticking to the floor. And my hair was sticking to my face.

“Shit.” Said a hoarse voice, through heavy breaths. “We killed him.”

“No, he is still breathing.” I said. My voice a shaky and broken.

“We should kill him.” Said the hoarse voice again.


“He is going to go to the police, Cate!” the voice said again, this time breaking at the end.

“We can’t kill him. We are not killers.” I said, swallowing pennies.

“It was self-defence Cate! He came at us and we fought back!” said the horsy voice.

For the first time in my life I felt nothing. Nothing was going through my mind. No anxiety was bubbling in my stomach. Nothing. Everything was quiet. 

“Fuck! Cate! Fuck.”

“We came here to hurt him, let’s leave.”  

“What? Are we just going to leave him here like this?”

“Yes, Nikki, we are. Now smear your footprints out of the blood.” 

Nikki and I shuffled around his body, erasing the indentation made in the blood by our steel-capped boots.

“What did we do Catey? We fucked up so bad.” Nikki crooned at me, tears swelling up in her eyes.

“Come on Nik, let’s get out of here, quickly. Take off your shoes, you are treading blood everywhere.” I said pulling off my shoes and grabbing my best friend’s arm.

We did exactly what we came here to do. 

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