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A short bit of a villain called the Creep.

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016




The night grows slowly when kissing your girl.  At least it feels that way.  Guys sit in their Buicks, arms around their date.  Holding the smooth skinned babe.  They do not see the shade arriving.  Why should they.  That was what happened to my friend Dave.  He was not the best dude in the pack.  Still he was a good person.  Lately seeing hot cheerleader Gail Rose.  The honey from the city.  They both did not see the creep of the moon.  Nor the Creep himself.


A twig broke in the dimness.  Most of the cars had left Dante’s Cliff.  Only Dave remained.  Thinking that a racoon or such had been biting on his tyres.  The kid went to take a look.  A black motor in the pitch of night was not a good plan.  The cliff was a mile from the main road.  Then miles from town.  The dude forgot Gail for a moment.  It was as he bent to check the wheels, that something fell on his head and neck.  Whoosh!  He had blacked out.  The white light in his mind was telling him to get up.  Then the buzz of the latest wrist cell phone stirred Dave. 


The darkness had descended.  The sun was totally gone.  And so was Gail Rose.  What the hell, cursed his mouth.  Then a trail of blood lead from the passenger seat.  To the edge of Dante’s Cliff.  The reporter ended the report, after the cops found two bodies at the bottom of the lovers’ point.  Gail was very dead with a smashed skull.  Dave was still breathing and remembered a name, of the devil, that had pushed him over.  The Creep had struck again.  I heard it on the radio, ‘When darkness descends, the Creep is about.  Who will ever find this fiend?’  It was then that I passed out.  You see I am the Creep who killed my best friend..  And this was just the beginning.


The short flight to New York City was full of commuters of the vast state of New York.  Two sit on the night flight, at the back, with lights out, was usual.  Someone not clever could not be a killer.  Ready to pounce any time in the darkness.  Air steward Carl Barnes, smiled in the dim light.  At the dozing passengers.  Something pricked his arm as he walk down the aisle.  Thinking nothing of it.


Later, in the airport Carl fell down dead.  Police later found poison in his blood.  They checked the flight record.  One name did not have an address.  It turned out the passport had been cleverly faked.  The letter C had been carved into one of the plane seats.  This had been another strike from the mysterious killer, the Creep.  Investigators learnt that Carl was a distant friend of Gail Rose.  So the Creep had struck again.  And was on the move.  And hiding in the concrete jungle, that was New York City.


This would be the next move for the wanted fiend.  It was then that I thought and laughed to myself, ‘they will never get me.’  It turned out I was so wrong.  I did not imagine another like me, but doing good.  I would be his next victim, When Darkness Descends.


The Devil’s Kitchen was no place to be cornered.  As was praying on any victim since the flight.  I the Creep was mugging a couple of straying tourists.  Then their out of the night came another guy.I was blinded on a moonless evening.  My glory was taken away.  As the cops sirens sounded.  A dark foe call Powerlight, overcame my creeping talent.  Attempted to crawl into a gutter.  Then as the cops peeled bullets in my direction.  This changed super villain showed the way to my capture.


I was taken away.  Locked up for good.  It was there that I told you my short story.  If only it was true.  Maybe it was.  Is this why I am clinging to the shady corners of my cell.  You decide.  Am I the Creep that was caught, when darkness descends.




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