Sam and Max: The Mistake

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Another story from Grandpa Henry! Enjoy!

Submitted: November 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016



"Sam! Max!" Mom called up the stairs. Upstairs, Sam and his little brother Max were playing with their dog, Muttley. Max looked at Sam, Sam looked at Max. They heard Mom call up the stairs again. " Grandpas waiting!" The brothers stumbled down the stairs as Muttley followed. They ran to Grandpa's usual spot, the old recliner. They wrapped their short ams around his neck. "Hi, Grandpa!" Said Sam. "Hi Grandpa!" Said Max. Muttley barked, because she was a dog, and dogs can't talk. The boys plopped down onto the floor in front of the recliner, waiting for their weekly story of from when great  Grandpa Henry was a boy. Grandpa just grinned and started off into the story. "You boys know that my three siblings and I got into too much trouble when we were kids. especially Randall, Beth and I. Little Annabelle only followed what Beth did. Well, a couple times we went a little too far, and this was one of them. It was a Sunday, the Sabbath, and we were driving home from church. My Pa and I were talking about the state fair, which was then three days away. I could hear Beth and Annabelle giggling and whispering. I thought nothing of it. That afternoon, When Randall and I were feeding our horses, Ben and Judah, When we were in the barn we noticed something moving. It was Annabelle! She was hiding in the hay, watching us. We pretended we didn't notice, Randall saddled his horse, Ben. I grabbed Ben's harness and led him outside. Randall was working on training Ben better, and he worked on it every afternoon. What we didn't know was that Annabelle was up to something. She put rat poison in Ben's trough, and ran back inside before we could figure her out. Luckily I noticed when Randall asked me to put fresh hay in it. Randall was furious that someone tried to severely hurt Ben, his horse he had saved for 1/2 years for and bought himself. He ran inside and told Mother, and she was upset also. She had a family meeting and talked to Randall, Beth, and I, and even little Annabelle, who was highly doubted to have done this "Crime" Soon though, Beth confessed with tears in her eyes. "It was me, and I had Annie put in in Ben's trough." She broke out in sobs and buried her little head in Mother's shoulder.  I saw Randall clench his fists, but make no action. Mother grasped Beth's shoulders and pulled her up. "Bethy, I know that you are very sorry now, and I can tell." Beth nodded. "But what you did to Randall was immensely wrong, and you could have hurt Ben. Why did you do this?" Beth sniffed, "Because the boys ruined my birthday cake." Randall cut in "Not fair! you put frogs in Henry and I's room!!" Mother sighed. "I know that she did that, and it was wrong for her to get revenge." After we settled it, Randall and I were very pleased with Beth and Annabelle's punishments. Beth was to muck the horse' stalls, and Annabelle was to wax the harnesses, bridles, saddles, etc. But Randall was determined to get revenge, and he convinced me to help. So the next day, Randall and I came up with a plan, we were going to wrap string all around Beth and Annabelle's room. That night, loaded with heavy duty string, Randall and I set on the mission. And the next morning we woke up pleased, and started eating breakfast. "Huh, Beth and Annie are still asleep. I'd better wake them up." So Mother called up the stairs and we heard scrambling around the room. Randall and I were getting disappointed that the girls hadn't seen the string. Well, we thought too soon. We heard a scream and then shrill wailing. Mother ran up the stairs and we followed. There, in the girls room was Beth, terrified, and little Annabelle, with blood soaking her head, and screaming so loud that I could barely hear mother's instructions. "Go get your Father!!" She yelled. after Annabelle got stitches and everything, the truth came out. Randall and I explained. My parents were upset but understood what we met. Now, you can ask your Aunt Annabelle to look at the side of her head, and there will be a white scar." Sam and Max loved the story, and then called it their favorite so far. 



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