The Eternal Flowers

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The story is a man that goes through hurdles for a simple task.

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016



The Eternal Flowers

By Dan GreenHeart


There was a city of labor and love. The workers go day and night making churches and homes. One of these workers was a young man name Will. Will was very well with his hands; however he had no passion in his life. One day he saw a beautiful girl . She was beauty without a rival. To Will, she was a diamond inside a mountain of coal. He rushed to see this elegant lady. He asked her name. She tolded him it was Pennelipe. He asked if there was any way to win her heart. She smiled and said to get her the perfect flower.

  Will went outside the city to find the perfect flower. Will look high and low for the best flower he coulded see. He went to the top of the tallest hill, and that is where he found a beutiful lily blooming at the center of the hill. He duged the flower out of the ground and put it in a pot. Will then ran straight to the girl he fell in love to. Pennelipe saw the lily and rejected the flower. She tolded him that the flower will die and will be a waste. Will was sad. He looked all day to find that flower. He thought real hard until he had an idea. If he can’t find the perfect flower, he will make one.

He found a big hunk of wood had an idea. Will tooked the hunk of wood to his place and started to work. He picked up a chisel and Started to carve the wood. Piece by piece, He turned the wood into a tulip. Will then painted his wooden flower and let it dry. It took him three days to make the tulip. When he was confident to give his flower to Pennelipe, She toss the wooden tulip in a fire. To her, the flower did not shine. Will was stumped. It was back to square one. He needed to find a way to make a flower that shines.He looked around the city until he met a glass blower. Will saw he figurines and how they shine. He then had an idea. That is when he decided to make a glass flower.

Will asked the glass blower if he could borrow his shop.The glass blower agreeded after hearing Will’s story. The glas blower taught Will how to make a glass rose. Will took his time and blow through the pipe. Piece by piece. Failure after failure. After a two weeks near a hot furnace, Will finally made his glass rose. He brought his new flower to Pennelipe. She saw and hold the glass rose. Pennelipe then tossed the rose to the ground. The rose was then shattered. She told Will that the perfect flower is not fragile.Will was exhausted and unhappy, but was still determined to find the perfect flower.

After hours and hours of thought, Will finally had the best and final idea: it was a metal flower. Will looked around to find the best metal for the flower. When he found enough metal, he started to work on the metal sunflower. He carved, bended, welded together to build a giantsun flower. Will then paint and polished the sunflower to make it shine. It tooked him a month to make the flower. He then bought a wagon to put the metal sun flower in. When Will walked to Pennelipe’s house, he was shocked to find her with another man. Will was devastated. All his hard work for a beutiful girl was all for nothing.

  On the sidewalk, people saw Will sitting there with the metal sunflower next to him. Then children ran to to see the big flower. The parents ask Will if he made more of these flowers. He looked at the kids and saw their smiles. He was glad that they love his work. Will told them yes and told them he makes wooden and glass flowers as well. He made and sold enough to open his own store. People all over the country wanted his flower. Will was happy the entire time making the flowers.

  Will then married, had children, then passsed away. He never saw Pennelipe ever again, He never made the perfect flower. His family kept his shop open and kept making his kind of Flowers. When people asked Will about his life, he always said that that there is no one way, but many ways. And it would have never happen if it wasn’t for the smiles for his flowers.

The End

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