Cartoon Time For Adults!

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Why do seemingly-intelligent people watch?

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016




Watching cable news on television, it occurred to me, it's cartoon time for adults, replete with the idiot who says and does THE most idiotic things, but he isn't hurt by what amounts to the coyote on 'The Roadrunner' taking a 1000 foot plunge of a cliff, hitting, and being smashed over the head by the metal safe he was trying to open, when the roadrunner sawed in two, the wooden bridge the coyote was standing on, for some unknown reason, and even more inexplicable is why a safe filled with Hillary Clinton's emails, just happened to be out on the wooden bridge? 

He should be splattered, but waddles away looking like an accordion, to offend everyone in sight, and his support only grows, at least it has before now. And we tune in, gleefully, to watch the coyote's latest miraculous escape. A reasonable person would assume that one of these times, the metal safe will pile drive The Donald into the ground, but these have proven to be most unreasonable times!

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