The Wall Between Father and Son Relationship

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this story is about a old man who meets a young boy in a shelter after conversing with each other they become friends after the old man finds out from the boy that the is the old mans friends son . this starts the bond of friendship between them both which continues on for four years the bond becomes a father and son relationship as the old man father's the boy but towards the end of story the wall that breaks them apart is sad for the old man and happy for the boy. true story .

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016





Once upon a time back in the year of 2014 a man name Tim has befriended a young boy named Andrew at a homeless shelter on long island in new York . After the two started talking about where each of them grew up the conversation became deep in thought and the young boy name Andrew says to Tim ' my father grew up in the same town as you did his name is John . The boy told Tim what his father's last name is Tim says to Andrew wow what a small world I know your dad we went to school together . Andrew noticed Tim on his laptop and asked Tim if he can use the laptop to check the balance on his phone . Andrew says to Tim I'm very hungry you have anything to eat I have not eaten in long time ? Tim says : Let me go look and see what I have Andrew do you like hamburgers ? Andrew responded yes I do like hamburgers you really gonna make me something to eat ? Tim says : yes why not you seem like a very good kid and you are hungry . So now the two eat together after finishing eating their meal together Andrew used the laptop and did whatever business he had to do and  was done now . Then it's time to bed down they  go to sleep; the next day in the morning is when it all started with the bonding of friendship between each other. After Andrew says to Tim how happy he is to have someone to take care of him as he has no one but his brother that he really has not been on good terms with him as family should be . So now the bond starts getting little stronger Andrew asking Tim to come along with him every where he go's . So from that day on the relationship between Tim and Andrew became stronger than before now not leaving each other's side Andrew calling Tim Dad .Tim has become flattered that Andrew called him dad but after awhile Tim says to Andrew you know what I would love to be your dad you are a fantastic kid but I am friends with your dad and this would not be right if your dad were to find out his son is calling his friend dad . So Andrew started calling Tim his Godfather this went on for a few years then Tim said one day to Andrew hey buddy we need to talk about this calling me godfather all the time it's sounds a bit weird . So they talked came to a conclusion that calling Tim uncle would be better than godfather. Andrew had no problem calling the old man that became his friend Uncle Tim so on to this present day Andrew still call's the old man Uncle Tim . Then one day uncle Tim and Andrew were about to be separated by shelter 's right hand man for what reason ;the reason was Andrew at the time was only 17 yrs old the shelter found him to be to young to be living in this household with older men which some of them are sex offender's. Andrew has become very upset when he found out he had to be separated away from Uncle Tim . Andrew was told to report to the administration  house to be moved some where else or possibly to call emergency housing to be transported to another area . Uncle Tim and Andrew decided to leave that house together took it to the streets living on the streets in a different area but as long as uncle Tim and Andrew were together it didn't matter where they went as long as they were together . The bond between them now has grown stronger now than before that Andrew was now hugging and kissing Uncle Tim good night and before leaving for the day to go places like to see his girlfriend in area he lived in treating Uncle Tim like uncle Tim was his father this made uncle Tim feel good about himself to have someone look up to him as a dad Uncle Tim starting looking at Andrew like a son that where the love and care started causing the bond of a father and son relationship  . Andrew's biological parents were separated many years ago his mother still residing at the address in area of mastic would not let Andrew back in the house because his stepfather did not like Andrew due to personal issues with Andrew from the past. So now year go's by Andrew is now 18 years old the bond between Uncle Tim and Andrew is so strong now Andrew wants to call Uncle Tim dad because it more like father and son than just a bond  of friendship . Uncle Tim says to Andrew keep calling me Uncle Tim after all the years gone by everyone knows you as my nephew but I am still a dad to you and love you no different and will be there for you no matter what happens . One day he became friends with the wrong crowd one boy gave Andrew drugs after walking off into the village I decided to follow him thank god uncle Tim did because the boy gave Andrew  heroin and was about to leave the laundromat then saw me in front of the laundromat as he was walking out the door told me Andrew was passed out  on the  bathroom floor blue in the face Uncle Tim ran in the laundromat fast as he could to find him blue in the face on his last breath.  Uncle Tim called 911 emergency they instructed me to get him out of the bathroom and lay him flat on the floor and feel his heart beat and pulse counting the seconds between the beat of his heart was so slow they arrived to the laundromat in seconds with a team of paramedics of (5) to be exact they put him in a yellow bag to keep his body heat from dropping and got him in the ambulance where uncle Tim found out later he stopped breathing and they brought him back to life. Uncle Tim visits Andrew stays by his bedside all upset. Andrew wakes up starts crying and hugging uncle Timmy  as uncle Timmy hugs him back comforting him like a son telling him it will be okay your gonna be okay don't worry I'm here. Andrew stopped crying after crying hysterically for an hour thinking about what he has done to himself and has almost passed on . Then after Andrew was well enough he was discharged back with uncle Tim on the streets again two weeks later he has a fit leaving uncle Timmy for a couple weeks . Then Andrew came back everything seemed fine between them both couple years later another birthday for Andrew he is now 20 years old and has new girlfriend Andrew has been dating her  for 7 months now the two argue so much because his girlfriend putting him down because of his living situations drive him to try and kill himself by swallowing a bottle of pills Uncle Tim finds out what he has done tells him to call 911 to go to the hospital and Uncle Tim meets him there moments later from there on Andrew was admitted into the hospital . Uncle Timmy stayed with Andrew for the whole eight days of the time he had to stay in the hospital to cure his liver . Then the time came for him to be discharged back into the streets with uncle Tim a few weeks later he tried to call his mom with the advice from Uncle Timmy. Andrew finally get's in touch with his mom finds out good news that  his mom left his step dad because the man was hitting his mother, Andrew's mom left his stepfather to Georgia to stay with a friend and told Andrew he can come home to mommy now . This is when the wall splits Uncle Timmy and Andrew apart . Uncle Timmy get Andrew on the bus in the city taking him on the train to the bus port authority  get s Andrew on the bus Andrew is happy to be on his way home to be with his mom so is uncle Tim but also sad that he leaving him to go so far away. Uncle Tim is now  worrying about Andrew not being able to see uncle Tim again . Andrews says don't worry uncle Timmy I love you and will miss you I will give you my address and call you when I arrive in Georgia . Uncle Timmy get s no call s finds out days later from Andrew's girlfriend that Andrew's mom has forbidden him to never contact Uncle Tim again so now Uncle Tim is upset to learn this news from Andrew's girlfriend not only was Uncle Timmy upset but was very astounded that Andrew's mother would stop Andrew from ever talking to uncle Tim again after all Uncle Timmy was there for Andrew for past four years giving him the love and care like a father would have done the only difference is uncle Timmy / Andrew were homeless . Uncle Timmy had thought Andrew's mom would have the respect to thank uncle Timmy for keeping Andrew safe and taking care of him instead telling her son Andrew not to ever contact Uncle Timmy again . Uncle Timmy does not forget how he saved Andrew's life from being seconds away from death if it was not for Uncle Timmy Andrew would have been dead and buried today and Andrew's mom would be visiting Andrew's grave instead of Andrew coming back home to his mother. So now uncle Timmy starts thinking how ungrateful Andrew's mother is since Uncle Timmy was the one to purchase the train tickets to get Andrew into the city and walk him almost (8) eight blocks to get Andrew on the bus at the bus port authority where the bond between Andrew And Uncle Timmy actually  ended when they said they're last goodbye  to each other. Now Uncle Timmy stands alone lonely with out his boy he fathered for four years like the son he never had . Uncle Tim says  my dear friend I miss you and love you and will always love you like my family and a son. Andrew I will still be there for you no matter what happens to you.You know how to find me(something uncle Timmy always said to the young boy to cheer him up when he was down and upset is saying it now )  GOODBYE ANDREW MY CUTE BLUE EYES NEPHEW !  THE END !

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