And I Flow On...

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

And I Flow On


Flowing through

I’m a river, Writhing and Frothing, Subject to flow

Rocks may come and  So may trees, but I’ll still go

My waters are at unrest and perhaps the pity

Is that it’s my Birthland, the cause of this


Pain. I flow on, slow and gentle, trying

Not to graze my watery wounds

On the millions of hard stones

I’m made to Flow naked on.


I feel numb to them usually, the stones

But they do stike me sometimes into

Unimaginable pain, but just for a moment

Before their pain fades away and i flow on.


It’s been long since the soft mud disappeared

It’ was there at the start, Soothing and soft

But the stones started appearing, wounding and hard

But I am subject, Bound to the ground, Flowing.


It still appears sometimes, In phases, the mud

And I rejoice at the earthly touch, reminding

Me of who i am, With nothing to numb

And then it passes, And i flow on.


Rocks appear in my path, sometimes

Big, Big, Scary and Hateful

And I flow straight into them

The ground leading me on


They split me apart, drop by drop

But I can only silently froth

Bubbles of the screams

Flowing within, as i flow on.


Eventually the rocks break apart

And the torture they conduct

Is also forgotten, but the collision

Leaves a few stones under me as i flow on.


I wish to fly, High and Free

Where there are no rocks to hinder me

Where the stones are not bothering me

Where Who I am, is who I choose to be


I wish to swim in the earth

Mud all around me, everywhere dirt

Where twisting and turning is a mirth

Where the flowing is wonderfully worth


But Stones and mud, Unfairly come

Bounded to them I am forever

No wings to fly, No arms to swim

I simply flow.


Trees come too, they are worse

They shift my ground with their roots

On their fancy, i have to turn

Changing the course, i flow.


Yet it’s the stones that scrape

Screech screech screech

The stones that rest on

My own Birth land.


They are not aware

I do not jump nor scare

I keep flowing into the destined sea

I may be bound now, But I’ll be free

The sea is not the sign for the journey to end, See

Because the only thing that can conquer that land

Is a Motherfucking Tsunami!

Submitted: August 24, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Neptunity. All rights reserved.

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