Secrets Unveiled 1/Smarter than Woody Knows

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If you've ever seen Disney/Pixar's Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, or any of the other Toy Story mini movies, then you would get what this is all about. This fan fiction shows clips from the first and second movie but then goes in between the second and third movie that we never really see. This answers the question that I have been asking: What would happen if Andy figured out that his toys came to life? (This book would never really fit into the Toy Story movie series because of Toy Story 3. But I still wrote it anyway.)

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016



It all started about 8 years ago. Andy and his family were driving to their new house. Andy’s favorite toys had gone missing a few days before and then suddenly appeared to have dropped from the sky into the seat next to Andy! Of course Andy was overjoyed to have found his two favorite toys, Woody a cowboy doll, and Buzz Lightyear a space ranger. But he was also partly confused as the toys had seemed to have literally dropped from the sky. He didn’t ponder much about it until about 4 years later, he had come home from Cowboy camp to find two new toys on his bed. His mom had no idea where they had come from but she thought not much of it. Andy did. He had recalled that day 4 year ago when buzz and woody fell from the sky. Now two new toys appeared out of nowhere? It wasn’t until he was about 16 years old when something finally happened…

It was a normal day. Andy had stopped playing with his toys a few years before so the toys really had nothing much to do during the day. While Andy was at school they came out of the neglected toy chest and did things to pass the time such as play cards, play with Andy’s lifeless toys such as his hot-wheel tracks (he played with those), etc.  Anyway that day, Andy was a little too quiet coming home from school. Before slinky had time to register, Andy came bursting into his room just to see all of his toys sprawled across the floor.

“Molly, did you do this?” Andy shouted from his room. Then he realized, Molly couldn’t have done this because she was still at school. He thought about it a little, and then a thought came to him.  Could it be? He thought. It just might be possible. There’s only one way to find out. He cleaned up all the toys making sure that they were all out of sight. Then he got out his mom’s camera and hid it somewhere in his room so that it could view the whole room. He turned on the camera and left the room.

Woody heard the door shut and opened the chest. The toys spilled out.

“Slinky, go ahead and round up the gang will you?” Woody told the dog.

“Sure. Alright everyone, gather up.” Once everyone was gathered, Woody started talking. Buzz joined him up front.

“Alright everyone, that was a close one. Andy almost caught us alive. We need to keep our guard up. Slinky, keep your ears alert. We cannot come that close again.”

“Uh, Woody.”

“What is it Slinky?”

“I think I hear- Andy’s coming! Andy’s coming!”

“Everyone back in the chest!” All the toys rushed back into the toy chest just as Andy came walking through the door.

“Everything looks the same,” he muttered. Andy picked up the camera he had going and played back the footage. His eyes widened and his smile gradually got bigger as he watched the tape. Once it ended, he walked over to the toy chest and opened it. Feeling a little silly, he played back the tape and showed it to the toys. Once it was over, he asked them, “Can you guys really come to life?”

 There was a moment of silence. Then a voice, “Andy, you caught us. We do come to life,” Woody confessed.

Then all the toys started talking and giving him looks. “Guys, he figured it out, there was no way he would let it go if we didn’t tell him.”

“I knew it! It knew you guys came to life! The evidence was all there!” Andy started dancing around the room and the toys started spilling out again.

"But you've got to promise us this, Andy. You cannot tell anyone, and I mean anyone about us. Okay?" Buzz explained.

 He hesitated. "Okay..."


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