Secrets Unveiled 2/If Mike wasn't there to Help

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If you are a Disney/Pixar fan, then you probably have seen Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. Well, if you have, then you would get what this is about. It will be full of kidnapping, friendship, a little bit of Romeo and Juliet/Beauty and the Beast, some action, betrayal, and even some surprises.

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Where it all took place

Submitted: August 23, 2016

This is taking place at the end of MU when the police are chasing Mike and Sully through the woods and Sully is scrambling to get up the small cliff. Mike gives him a branch to pull up on, saving him from the humans. But what if Mike never thought to come and save Sully? Read Chapter

Monster to Human

Submitted: August 24, 2016

Ropes were thrown around Sully’s body to contain him. Once he found there was truly no way out, he stopped fighting. He was then put in... Read Chapter

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