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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two best friends discover they might want to be more than just best friends in the future.

Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



Tommy sat listening. Or at least, he looked like he was listening. He was very good at that. He had been pretending to do that for almost 18 years now. On the stage, his father raged, the way he always did when God was in his soul. His huge fists rose and fell, and rose and fell, and small flecks of foul smelling spittle landed on the front row believers. They probably felt it was the holy rain of the lord. 

Tommy was actually miles away, thinking about his best friend. His best friend? Well, recently he felt like they had become more than that. Best friends might occasionally hold hands. Best friends might occasionally give each other a shoulder rub. But very rarely did they give each other a secret kiss on the cheek when they thought the other was asleep. And even more rarely did the kissed one then get up and kiss the other back. And. He supposed, even more rarely did that then lead to... Well, anyway. He smiled quietly to himself. If his daddy knew. Oh boy, if his daddy knew what his son had done. 

"And the Lord's wrath willl reign down on the sinners and they will weep, and cry for mercy, but there wil be no mercy, because They had been warned. The Bible says, you will not lay with another man as with a woman. And so it must be! Oh sinners, oh you who have been lead down that path of temptation, know this! The bowels of hell are a hot, stinking, fetid place! And you will never, never escape it once you are there! For the lord is a just lord, and he has warned us! "

"Fuck this shit", he would have loved to yell out. He would have loved to rage and stamp and throw his fists like his father, all the time yelling, fuck you! You are not merciful! You are deluded if you think you are! You are a cold hearted, evil, cruel tyrant! And i will not believe in you! I am gay, and I love Joe! 

His phone buzzed in his pocket. His heart jumped. It was him! He wasn't worried that someone might see him texting. They were all focused on his father. How can such a loving man be so full of hatred? He loved his father. He sometimes even respected him. But somehow his faith, his belief, built on so many years of repetitive rants and speels and prayers and small private bedroom talks, and long car ride tirades, had been destroyed, pulled down, and the traces swept away, with a single warm kiss. And, well, maybe a little more than that. A secretive smile slid over his face again, and his eyes blazed. 

"Oh my God! My mum and dad just asked me if I'm gay! I told them I am. They said they don't mind. I have to see you man, when can you come over? "

Joe was so excited. His feelings for Tommy had been growing steadily stronger over the last few months. And then the other night. Oh my god, oh my god oh my god! His face flushed as he remembered it. Such an amaing night. How had his parents known, he wondered, as he spread peanut butter onto warm toast. He knew Tommy's father. He knew his beliefs, and he was a little worried that he might find out. But they had talked about it. they knew what they felt. And that was all that mattered. They would finish school, get summer jobs, save up loads of money, and get a place together, so that when they went to uni the following hear they could be together every night. Oh yeah, fucking bliss. 
"I know what you are." 
" What? Denis, what the hell are you doing?" 
"I know you're evil. I heard mum and dad talking about it. You're a gay!" 
" So what?" 
"You're going to die and burn in hell! And I'm going to heaven, cos I'm not gay. " 
"What are you talking about?" 
Tommy stared at his little brother. His brother was holding a Bible in his hand. 
"It says so in here. And I heard the preacher talking about on tv. He said all gays are going to die and burn in hell." 
"Get lost Denis." 
Suddenly the little boy began to cry. 
"I don't want you to die! I don't want to you die! Please don't die!" 
The boy threw down the Bible and wrapped his arms around his brother. Joe, a little lost for words and confused by his brothers sudden change in attitude, patted the little boy on the head, and called out, -Mum, I think I might need your help here. 

Two boys walked hand in hand along a sandy beach. Fuck it, they said, if people can't accept it, that's their problem. In the distance, they slowly saw a figure running towards them. It got bigger and bigger, and bigger and then transformed into Tommy's father. He was a fat, balding man, but boy could he run when he found out his son was walking hand in hand with another boy in public, on the beach. On the beach for goodness sake! As soon as Mrs peterson had called to informed him, he had stared at the wall blankly for 20 seconds. Then he had picked up his Bible, thrown off his dressing gown, pulled on sandles over his socks, forgetting that that also was in itself a cardinal fashion sin worth thousands of years in hell, and had run out of the house to find his son. 

Tommy's mothers phone had also buzzed, and when she picked it up she heard the rather unpleasant, rasping tones of her not so favourite person, Mrs Peterson. Mrs Peterson had very solemnly informed her that it was her God given duty as a Christian to inform her that her son was on the beach, walking hand in hand with, wait for it, another boy! Oh she couldn't express how sorry she was, but she knew that Mrs kidders would of course take the necessary action at once. As would Preacher Jones, who had also been informed. On hearing the news, Tommy's mother let out an awful scream, dropped her phone, pulled on the nearest jacket which happened to be her sons. She struggled desperately for a minute or so before realising not only could she not get into a jacket that was designed for an 11 year old, but actually, it wasn't even cold. She then proceeded to also run outmof the house, down to the beach, and when she saw the two boys she ran straight at them, screaming a warning. 
" He's coming, he's coming," she screamed, as the preacher ran, panting, his gut leaping up and down in time with his sock and sandled feet. 

The two adults surrounded the boys and began screaming at each other. Well, more precisely, Tommy's mother began screaming and Preacher Jones began cringing. His original desire to beat his son and his god defiling friend to a pulp,with his Bible was crushed by the wave after wave of verbal abuse that fell upon him from Tommy's mothers. The two boys pushed and pulled their way out from between the adults, barely supressed grins on their faces. They walked away as the argument grew in fury. Preacher Jones had finally found his voice and was reigning hell fire on Mrs kidders and her family and their future generations. 

As the boys walked on, hand in hand, the angry fighting voices faded into the distance. A lonely, jealous seagull cried out angrily above, disturbed by all the ranting and raging. He circled a few times and then flew out to sea. 

Footprints spread slowly down the beach, as, hand in hand the boys walked on. Night fell, the wind rose, and the boys hugged under a tree on a long dead log, watching and listening to the breaking waves. Neitheri of them wanted to go home. It wasn't until Tommy's phone rang, and a hoarse voiced Mrs Kidders asked if they were coming home for dinner or did she have to send out a search party. Smiling, the boys walked back to Tommy's place, their footsteps echoing in the cool evening air.

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