Falling Star

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Just a short happy poem for once.

Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



Falling Star


A darkening sky

Is up above,

A velvet darkness

That I love.


But look, that star

It’s getting nearer,

The way it’s falling,

Getting clearer.


It is so near --

Follow it’s path,

I don’t know why

I start to laugh.


And there it sits

Upon the ground,

As I approach

Don’t make a sound.


It’s like some distant

Fairy tale.

I rationalise

To no avail.


It gives off a glow,

Gives up a shine,

Won’t let it go

It must be mine.



Reach out a hand,

At my touch

It turns to sand.


Now I’m left

Feeling cheated,

All that hope

Has been defeated.


But there remains

A lot of dust.

Gather it,

I know I must.


For stardust is

A renowned thing,

Luck and magic,

It will bring.


Won’t keep it all,

I will be fair

I’ll have enough

And so I’ll share.


Just ask away,

I’ll send some to you,

And perhaps your dreams

Will then come true.


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