Religion in my eyes (a short one)

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Just a little bit of what I think

Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



Have you done your prayers yet, Joshua?” That oh-so familiar question emanated from the master bedroom. Since the marriage 8 years ago, my mother (or step-mother, to be specific), has always tried to convert me over to Islam. Understandably, that is the way things are supposed to be. She believes herself to be successful, but in reality she is far from it. Perhaps I was too old when religion started playing a part, or perhaps I was influenced by various videos and essays on the Internet by atheists. But regardless of what the reason is, a non-believer is what I am.

But of course, mom! I did that 15 minutes ago!”. A harmless lie, in my eyes. What you do not know will not hurt you, I thought to myself. I have already lost count the number of times that such a white lie has emerged from my mouth, but that count will only keep increasing. There would be the occasional doubt being voiced out by my mother, but otherwise she tended to give the benefit of doubt.

Friends that know about my beliefs (or lack thereof) always ask the same thing regarding the family, and that is “Why don't you just let your mother know? Sure she'd be upset, but would she not understand?”

Yeah, right. You think the world is so perfect that if I voice out that I don't believe in God, everything would be fine and dandy afterwards?”, that was my standard reply to their helpful suggestions. I have had this kind of conversation several times with my father, with he and I agreeing that as a son and a man, I have a 'duty' to protrect my dear mother from the 'harsh truths' of the world. But then of course this means that I have to play along with her expectations for an indefinite period of time.

Another question I tend to get is, “Why do you not believe?” Truth to be told, it is a rather tricky question to answer. Can I say, “Just because.”? Can I say that I simply do not believe in the same way that you believe? That it is simply faith, or the lack of faith? But a reason is usually wanted, for they want a proper, logical (ha!) answer to their question.

I was just not raised to believe in a higher power, even though everyone around me did.” That is true. My guardians were Buddhist, and my biological mother was one too, but I never really thought of thinking they were real in my mind.

Neither was I, but look at me now, I believe!” was a favourite comeback of theirs, and that would kickstart another long discussion.

Yes, that may be the case, but if you want to believe, go ahead and be my guest! But I remain firm and rooted in my own beliefs.”

Have you ever thought about giving religion a chance? Going to Church, Mosque, whatever?”

Yes. And I have. I had to go for those damn classes every Saturday for 4 years, and let me tell you this: it was a waste of my time, and my parents' money. I am no closer to believing than I was back then.”

At this point I sometimes get puzzled looks. It seemed strange to them that one could be exposed to such teachings and still remain a non-believer, and that's what they would tell me. Of course, I tell them that it works both ways.

Then is it not strange in the eyes of someone like me that all is required for you to put your soul in the hands of some God are a few sermons and lessons about the Bible?” I tend to retort, rather impatiently this time. For the sake of this short sharing, I shall not write out the entire conversations (though I should jot one example down one day) that I have had over the years.

But let me just say this: You do you, and I'll do me. That's what I think religion should be like. Every man (and woman, transgender, apache attack helicopter, whatever you identify yourself as) has the ability to choose their own path, and one should not question each other on those choices.


Unless its Satanism and you go out to sacrifice kids or something.

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