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Tom Claancy-Duty and Honor by Grant Blackwood is a book which will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last!

Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



I will start this review out by saying I am not a fan of spy novels.  Many people are and thats fine but its just not my favorite genre.

Having said that I will add that a really good book is a really good book, no matter what genre it is.  Duty and Honor is one of those books.  

I picked up the novel at our local library, thinking it might appeal to one of my sons.  It didn't. However one night on a whim, I picked it up while looking for something different to read.  

From page one I fell into this novel and could not stop turning pages.  Meet Jack Ryan Jr. Jack Ryan. He is the son of President Jack Ryan,yeah son of Tom Clancy's original character, and is on leave from Hendley Associates.  Although I haven't read all of the other novels yet (I am definitely planning on it) I was left with the feeling Ryan Jr. did undercover work for an arm of Hendley Associates, and was placed on leave for impulsive and dangerous behavior during an investigation.

Jack within the first few pages, gets attacked.  From there the mystery and worldwide chase through Zurich to Germany to Namibia is on, with Jack and Effrim, a journalist in search of his first big story, chasing the criminals.  All the while the mystery unfolds as to why the criminals are after Jack and what they are really up to. I will admit that at several points in the novel I found myself muttering advice at Ryan about watching out when he goes around the next corner.  

If you are looking for a globe trotting mystery full of car chases, false clues, victims and ulterior motives, this is definitely the book for you. Not only is it fast paced and well-written but should be a reminder to all of us to try a different genre once in a while. You might just find a gem. Find it and other fascinating books at your local library today.  

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