In love with your darkness

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A little date between two very devious women.

Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



"Hey, Elaine." I say, stroking her hair.

"Hm?" she replies, and turns to face me.

I kiss her, and wrap my arms around her. She reciprocates in kind, and it's a few more seconds before I reluctantly pull away.

Elaine smiles and says, "You must be a little nervous right now. Is that why you kissed me?"

"Yeah." I reply. "Are you sure about this, Elaine? Is this really the right time to break away from the Freemasons?"

"I understand you're scared, Carla. But I'm sure. And I promise I won't let anything happen to either of us."

"I know." I reply. And then I kiss her again, just to show her how badly I need her. How terrified I am of losing her.

Once I pull away, she simply smiles at me. It's a smile of confidence, and strength. It's a smile that reminds me that I made the right decision in choosing her. 

"Okay, then." I say. "Let's go."

The city of Prague has been relatively unaffected by the Gray Plague the Freemasons ravaged most of Europe and the American continent with. This was largely because spreading the plague further was now unnecessary. The Freemasons had gained so much control over Europe, America and Oceania that they no longer tried to conceal their true intentions. In fact, Elaine and I had participated in a purge of the UNPP just a couple of weeks ago. All the UNPP emplyees who we'd kept in the dark about our true purpose had been hunted down and neutralized, and virtually nothing stood in the way of the Freemasons completely taking over the world.

Nothing, that is, except us.

Elaine had made it clear to me after we'd gotten together that she wasn't an absolute Freemason loyalist. She was just using them for her own agenda, and now the time has come for us to leave them behind and establish our own new world order.

I'm scared of turning against such a powerful organization, but Elaine has assured me that we are stronger. We will defeat the Freemasons, and create the future in our own image. We will direct the world with an invisible hand and lay waste to anyone who opposes us. Just the two of us.

That doesn't mean we won't have any help, of course. Alliances are critical, but everyone needs to know who's boss. We're in fact on our way to meet one such ally ourselves. He's a scientist, who has a reputation for being unpredictable and too much of a maverick even for the Freemasons. But that's alright. If they won't use him, we will.

We reach the offices of Stringer Industries and approach the reception desk.

"Hello." Elaine says. "We were sent here by the Clairvoyant."

"Were you now?" the receptionist replies. "What did they tell you?"

"They told me the recon was successful." Elaine says.

"I see." the receptionist says. "Up the stairs, then enter the elevator. I'll personally send you down."

I follow Elaine's lead as she does what we're told to. The elevator doors close and it automatically begins to move downwards.

The doors open to what looks like an elaborate research facility. What startles me, however, is the naked woman submerged suspended in some sort of liquid right in front of me. She looks unconcscious, but I still didn't expect to see something so outrageous so quickly.

"She's still alive." a voice says. "But she's only a tool to me. Not like you two, and certainly not like my own companions."

I turn towards the direction of the voice, and am met by a man dressed in a lab coat. He looks deceptively meek, but otherwise has the air of someone exceedingly accomplished and ambitious. Beneath his reserved exterior (and attractive long locks of hair) is someone with the same thirst for power, the same drive to dominate everything, as Elaine and I.

"Vince Sacglietti, in the flesh." Elaine says with a beaming smile. 

"Indeed, it is a pleasure to meet you, Elaine. And you as well, Carla."

I nod my head in acknowledgment, while Elaine walks over to him and shakes his hand.

I then see the receptionist from earlier make her way through. Though she's swapped her formal suit for a casual jumper and skirt.

"I see you've finally met our new partners, boss." she says.

"Indeed I have. Now, how about you rally the other Units, Uno, while I take these ladies on a little tour?"

"Sure thing." she says with a smile and leaves.

"Units, huh?" Elaine remarks.

"Yes. Designer women that I've bred as my own personal companions and servants. Deadly and utterly loyal dogs of war, but also invaluable as spies, and family." Vince says. "They are the ideal specimens I want my world to be populated by, and for that I need to exterminate all the leeches who would stand in our way."

"Well, I'm hoping we don't count as these leeches, Mr Scaglietti." Elaine says.

"No, of course not!" Vince says. "You two are just as desirable as the Units I've so lovingly crafted. Serendipity is a key hallmark of scientific discovery after all, and I'm not one to waste valuable specimens if I encounter them. You two are perfectly suited to rule the new world with me. That's why I invited you here instead of dooming you with what the rest of the world will soon face."

"Glad to hear it." Elaine says. "So, Vince, how about we start the tour?"

"Of course!" Vince says. It looks like he's already loosening up a bit.

Or so I thought. The "tour" barely takes us through two rooms, that Vince describes in vague, platitutinous terms, before he gets a call.

"Ah, the Units have assembled!" he says, gleefully. "It's time for you two to witness my masterpiece."

We follow Vince through some more similar-looking hallways before finally arriving at a low balconey overlooking...women. Lots of women. Attractive women at that. And with the exception of the secretary he called Uno, all of them seem to be wearing some sort of form-fitting spandex get-up I've only seen in sci-fi shows.

"Presenting my greatest creations! The Foundational Units of the new world!" Scaglietti says, with a grand sweeping gesture. "These are my warriors, my family, and my raison d'etre. Through years of study and reflection, I have laid the foundation of a perfect new world, and they are its embodiment."

To be honest, I'm having a hard time taking Vince seriously anymore. And it seems like I'm not alone either. One of the Units seems to be giggling, before a harsh glare from Uno shuts her up.

What kind of a scientist have we allied ourselves with?

Noticing my apprehension, Elaine reaches for my hand and gently clutches it. Yes, I can trust Elaine. She knows what she's doing.

"Now, I'm sure you've all had enough of me." Vince says, to the shock of us all. " So why don't you introduce yourselves to each other? Except for you, Uno, I need you back at my office."

Vince and Uno promptly leave the room, leaving Elaine and I alone ladies in some sort of hi-end costumes I haven't figured out yet. Though I do find myself taking quite a shine to them.

I look towards Elaine to get an idea of what to do next, but she's already off, talking to some of the Units. Maybe I should do the same.

I approach two women who are standing a fair distance away from the rest.

"Er...hi." I say.

"Hello." one of them responds. "I am Unit Due. Nice to meet you." she says.

Due is my personal favorite of them, at least as far as first impressions go. Straight blond hair and sharp features, as well as a friendly smile that hides something fearsome underneath. Like Elaine, she looks like the kind of person I want to end up as.

"My name is Carla Denton." I say, extending my hand.

"Careful now." says the second girl. She wears glasses, a lab coat of her own over her spandex suit, and wears an even friendlier smile than Due. I say "wears" because something seems a little off about her. I feel like I should keep my guard up. 

"Due has Wolverine claws, you know. Genuine adamantium. I've checked!"

Due immediately chuckles in response. Well, that little revelation really broke the ice.

"I'm Quattro, by the way." she continues. "And I can hardly wait for what lies ahead for us."

"Easy there, Quattro. If Vince says she can be trusted, then we'll trust her." Due says, giving Quattro a meaningful look that clams her down. "Besides, you know you need to take care of the others for me, given how I'm-"

"Due, are you sure?" Quattro says.

Due looks at me for a moment, before saying. "Yeah. It's going to happen in a few days anyway. Carla," she says, facing me. "I regret to inform you we won't have much time to get to know each other. I need to embark on a mission three days from now."

"Oh." I say, surprised.

"It is an infiltration op I've been working for a while, and all my live assets have served their purpose and revealed my targets. Things are about to come to fruition soon." she continues, her expression morphing into a smile I recognize all too well. It's a smile I find myself imitating as well, though I'm also slightly disheartened, knowing that I won't be able to assist Due in her cleanup efforts. Nonetheless, I decide to show both my support and my disappointment.

"All the best, Due. Go get 'em. Shame I can't join you, though." I say, extending my hand.

Due shakes it, firmly. "It seems we're not so different after all." she says. "Maybe it would've been nice of you to join me, but I do need to go it alone. But I will be back for Quattro and my other sisters. We'll have a hell of a celebration then."

"With all due respect." I say, mindful of the pun. "Missions like yours are celebrations in and of themselves."

Both Due and Quattro break into laughter in response. "I like you!" Quattro says, putting one hand on my shoulder. "I really like your attitude! If you can walk your talk, we're going to have so much fun together!"

"We sure are." I say. "We sure are."

I see Elaine looking at me from a few feet away. Ah, it looks like she's noticed me. Her expression is warm and loving, as always, but does she also look a little...threatened?

Oh my God. Did I actually end up intimidating the great Elaine Navarro? Amazing! 

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