Car Keys

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The car keys is a scary story about a girl and her father, who get into a car crash one rainy night

Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



One rainy, stormy night Ethan and his father were driving down an abandoned country road. They were travelling home after visiting Ethan's mother in hospital. Listening to the light drumming of the rain against the car Ethan began to doze.

Out of nowhere, there was a huge bang. The father struggled with the steering wheel and the car began to skid of the road and tumbled down the hill. Luckily they both survived the crash, however both sustained injuries...  Ethan had serious injuries. The car had landed the right way up so the father clambered out and checked the car. Both front tyres had been punctured...

The father checked to see if Ethan was ok, the whispered in a slow tone. "Both the front tyres are punctured, and there is massive scratches and dents all over the cars body! Ethan! ETHAN! ETHAN HOLDER PLEASE WAKE UP!" The father had realised that Ethan's eyes were shut and there was massive amounts of blood dripping down his face like a leaky tap... "I'm going to call the hospital now. Everything will be ok..." He was mainly trying to persuade himself. He dialled 999 and reported the incident they said that they would get here as soon as possible... but someone else beat them to it

The man slowly walked down the road. He wore bloody overalls and a white tank top. What Ethan's father didn't realize is that he held a bloody axe behind his back... He now stood face to face with Ethans father. He raised the axe and the father tried to dodge the attack but instead of chopping of his head, he chopped him clean in half.

By this time, Ethan was waking up, and he saw the man brutally chopping his father's body into several pieces. Ethan slowly locked all the doors from the inside but the man heard the click. The only thing now separating the man and Ethan was a pane of glass. 

The man raised two items in his bloody hands. One was Ethan's father's severed head. The other was the car keys...

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