Enclave of Treasures

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A month after Antonio Sestral joins Han Solo and his crew, they form the Enclave of Treasures (a group of Smugglers, Heroes and warriors who are hunting for treasures and to defeat the Sith Empire) and they establish a base on Yavin 4. Now the Empire has sent out a threat to the Enclave and they must recruit heroes, steal ships and build their enclave to defend from the massive sith attack, Surrender or die

Table of Contents

Caught between shots

"Alright Jet have we arrived on Correlia?" asked Antonio. Antonio Sestral the legendary smuggler and his teamate Alyssa were sitting at... Read Chapter

Raid on the Imperial Base

The StarStreaker came into the correlian atmosphere and flew through the clouds. The team inside was getting ready for the raid. "Alrig... Read Chapter

Escape the Sky Base

Antonio got up off the cold hard ground and felt something wet on his waist. He looked down and saw a splatter of blood on his waist. T... Read Chapter

HyperSpace Escape

The StarStreaker flew through the clouds of Correlia as fast as the ship could. Several sith fighter that had escaped the destruction o... Read Chapter

Landing on Yavin 4

The StarStreaker came out of hyperspace just above their destination. The planet Yavin 4. Along with being the location of Luke's Jedi ... Read Chapter

The Dream

Antonio rose the ground. Everything was blurry and all he saw was smoke and the dark sky. He wiped his eyes and looked around. A huge s... Read Chapter

A new Friend

The team of now 3 plus 2 droids were now inside the StarStreaker. Han Solo had gave them another mission. A possible ally had been on a... Read Chapter

Board the Station

The StarStreaker came out of hyperspace next to the Zenulian Nebula, a cluster of stars and colors in a lightning bolt streak through s... Read Chapter

Fight through Station X-1

Antonio, Alyssa, T7 and Lexi snuck down the hall with their weapons charged. "Alright T7, give us a holomap to the cargo hold." said An... Read Chapter

Fight through the Tunnel

Antonio, Alyssa, Vette, Lexi and T7 ran through the huge 10x10 feet glass tunnel going from their station to Station X. After savi... Read Chapter

A Traitor

Antonio rose from the cold hard ground and looked around. He was alone in a cell besides Lexi who was lying on the ground next to him. ... Read Chapter

Escape Station X

Antonio, Alyssa and Zoey were knocked against the ground. The explosion had blasted the whole room with smoke allowing them to rec... Read Chapter

Shot down

The crew of the correlian ship StarStreaker had just narrowly escaped the raid of Station X. They had a new ally, a mechanic/slice... Read Chapter

Tracked down

Antonio, Vette, Alyssa, Jet, Zoey, Lucas, HK-55 and T7 dashed through the rocky black terrain. They were being chased by a group of sco... Read Chapter

Crushed by Stone

Antonio and Zoey dashed away from the burning wreck. Several Stormtrooper transports had come and 12 squads of troopers had poured out.... Read Chapter

Escape from Mustafar

Antonio awoke, in another cell. Zoey was lying next to him, bandaged up but still hurt. Lucas was lying against the wall next to Vette ... Read Chapter

Defend the Temple

The StarStreaker came out of hyperspace above Yavin 4. After a 3 hour hyperspace travel they were ready to relax. "Alright lets land an... Read Chapter

The Medical Bay

The Defender was flying over the trees of Yavin 4, with Brianna and Alex talking to Antonio and Zoey while Lucas watched T7 and King ta... Read Chapter

The Emergency Room

Antonio, Lucas, Vette, Jet, Zoey, HK-55 and T7 walked into the room. Alyssa was lying in the bed, looking bloody and mangled. "Antonio.... Read Chapter

Defend the Starfighter

SithTroopers dashed through the trees and wildlife and shots fired. The Enclave soldiers fired back but the troopers were stronger. 3 A... Read Chapter


Antonio rose from the table. Then he fell back down. He couldn't see at all, all he could see was black. He felt the cold metal table h... Read Chapter

Invasion of the Temple

"Deploy HK-99." said Kylo Ren. He was observing the battle between the Enclave and his forces from his sith flagship above the planet. ... Read Chapter

Into the fighter

Antonio, Jet, Zoey, King and Arven dashed to the landing pads where the fighters were. But on the way HK-99 appeared and fired ano... Read Chapter

A New Chapter

Everyone in the Enclave was gathered in the old temple. After Antonio sacrificed himself to save the others, they found his blaster. Zo... Read Chapter

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Darlene Fisher

Please have a look at my first short story it's funny.

Fri, November 4th, 2016 2:41am


Very engaging... You got & kept, the reader's attention on this one, from the very first line!

Thu, February 2nd, 2017 9:21pm

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