Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Caught between shots

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



"Alright Jet have we arrived on Correlia?" asked Antonio. Antonio Sestral the legendary smuggler and his teamate Alyssa were sitting at the holotable playing holochess. She was wearing a pink top and blue jeans and had her signature bowcaster next to her. She was blonde, skinny and also had 2 blasters in her holsters. Rouge Republic Commander Jet was flying their main ship, an XS freighter called "The StarStreaker" to Correlia. The Enclave of Treasures had sent a team of 6 on a mission to raid an imperial base on Correlia. Antonio was the gunslinger of the team, using 2 blasters to take out any enemy in his way. Alyssa was a former sith assassin who became a bounty hunter for a short time before joining the Enclave. Jet was a rouge clone pilot who was exiled and was recruited by Han Solo. Just then 3 others walked into the room. One was a man in light clone armor and an iron chest piece plus a trooper helmet. His name was Lucas Malfoy. He had been involved in an accident involving a huge explosion which forced him to wear heavy armor. The other was a mechanic named Goss Towers who had been recruited by solo to be their lead mechanic. The last was a Chagrian named Segeant Rusk who is a companion of the brother of Antonio, Arven Sestral. Arven let Rusk join the Enclave when he wasn't needed. The XS freighter was moving through hyperspace to Correlia. "Were almost there Antonio. Be patient." said Jet. Suddenly the ship started to shake and they were knocked off their feet.

"What's going on!? HK look out the viewing window." said Alyssa. HK-55, their asssasin droid looked out the viewing window. "Exclamation: We are coming out of Hyperspace by force!" said HK. "Oh great. Another problem! The engine is already damaged!" said Rusk. They heard a spark coming from the back and Goss ran to fix the engine. The ship came out of hyperspace in the middle of a battle. Antonio, Alyssa and Lucas rushed into the glass turret and looked around. 4 ships were firing at eachother. 2 Republic cruisers and 2 imperial cruisers were both shooting at eachother. "Jet! We came out in the middle of a battle get us outta here!" said Lucas. The StarStreaker flew through space, spinning past shots and missles. Just then 3 tracker missles came out the launchers on the imperial ship and flew at the StarStreaker. "Were just above Correlia! Antonio shoot the missles before they blow us into an astroid!" said Jet. Antonio spun around in the turret and fired at the missles. 2 were shot but the 3rd flew at him. The turret exploded as Antonio fell down the hole back into the main room in the ship. The door was covered and Antonio got up and got up and sat on the couch. He now had a small scar on his forehead from the explosion and glass. "Were entering Correlia's atmosphere so get ready to shoot some imperials!" said Goss.

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