Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - A Traitor

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



Antonio rose from the cold hard ground and looked around. He was alone in a cell besides Lexi who was lying on the ground next to him. "Hey guard guy? What happend and where's my friends!?" asked Antonio. "The blonde one (Alyssa) is being interrogated right now by Darth Bloodrin. Your droids are deactivated in the other room and the Twi'lek has been given the death sentence and the sith will kill her in about 15 minutes." said the guard. Antonio looked over to Lexi. She was lying on the ground and her Enclave ID was lying next to her along with her cracked datapad. "Hmm wonder if she has Flappy Bird on that thing." said Antonio. He picked up the datapad and the imperial logo appeared. "What the. Imperial Logo? Picture of Darth... what!?" exclaimed Antonio. He looked at a picture of the late Darth Luxton. He had been called by Arven to asisst in the battle and took down a BattleCruiser while he was there. Antonio then picked up the ID and saw the ID was a sticker. He pulled it off and found an Imperial ID behind it. Antonio tapped Lexi on the shoulder and she flickered her eyes open. "Where am i? Whats going on?" said Lexi. "You tell me, Agent 72." said Antonio. He pulled a silver blaster pistol out of his boot and pointed it at her. "Ok ok. Don't shoot, i'll tell the truth." said Lexi.

"My real name is Zoey, i was taken from my family and was put into the Imperial SIS. I was sent to investigate the Enclave and sabotage it by my old master Darth SkullZon. But halfway through my mission i was contacted and forced to check where you keep all your treasure and Han's computer had access to pretty much everything. I checked my families profiles and found out SkullZon sent an assassination team lead by him to kill my parents the day after i left on my mission. I renounced the empire and smashed my datapad in anger. Thats why i didn't betray you at all during this mission. I got a vibroknife in my boot and if i wanted to i could have cut all your grappling ropes during the battle." explained Lexi. "Hmm. How can i trust you?" said Antonio. She pulled out a pistol from her boot and shot a blast through the guards head. She grabbed the key card through the bars out of the corpse of the guard and unlocked the door. They walked out and they opened the closet and pulled out T7 and HK-55. They reactivated the 2 and they ran into the interrogation room. Alyssa was tied to an interrogation board and blood covered her cheek. "Alyssa wake up." said Antonio. "I'll tell the others on the ship." said Zoey. Alyssa got out of the restraints and the 5 left the room. "Vette should be down the hall." said Zoey. Just then 3 war droids came out from behind a group of crates and started firing. Alyssa grabbed her bowcaster from the table and threw the rifle and Antonio's pistols to them. They started firing back but the droids activated their rockets and fired. The room exploded and smoke filled the hall.

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