Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Shot down

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



The crew of the correlian ship StarStreaker had just narrowly escaped the raid of Station X. They had a new ally, a mechanic/slicer/scoundrel named Vette. She had worked with Antonio's brother Scarzon, a sith lord, during the days of the old republic. She had gone on a raid at Station X and her whole team was killed. It was because of the crew that she was alive. Now Antonio, Vette, Alyssa and Lucas were playing Dejjarik on the holotable. Lucas's monster had just got crushed by a tackle from Vette's. Lucas watched in horror as her monster grabbed his and swung it around before letting go and letting the holo-monster fly off the table and die. Antonio's monster had killed Alyssa's with a piledrive and Antonio was going for Vette. Zoey walked in and saw Antonio's monster get it's eye ripped out and collapse. "Nice, Vette. Your a pretty good player." said Zoey. Just then they heard Jet scream and Antonio and Zoey ran to the cockpit. "What's happening?" asked Antonio. "Were being pulled out of hyperspace, the ship was hit with a tracker!" yelled Jet. Outside the ship, the blue hyperspace lane dissapeared and they came out over a red and black planet. 3 sith cruisers nearby started firing and they were almost knocked off their feet. Jet activated the shields and the ship dashed through space, attempting to avoid the shots. No matter what tricks Jet tried, spinning, turning invisible, firing back, none worked. The sith ships fired the proton torpedos and they blasted through the ship. Fire and smoke trailed from the back as the ship spun out of control towards the red planet. "JET! WHAT PLANET IS IT!?" asked Alyssa. "MUSTAFAR! OH GOD BRACE FOR IMPACT!" yelled Jet. The ship flew into the atmosphere and crashed into the black rocky ground. 

Antonio rose from the metal floor and looked around. The lights were off and sparks were leaking from a nearby light. Alyssa and Lucas were lying nearby next to the table. Zoey was lying in the hallway to the cockpit and Jet was still strapped into the pilot seat. He activated T7 and HK who were deactivated in the blast. "T7=worried. Sith=coming down to capture them." said T7. "It's gonna be ok." said Antonio T7 woke up Alyssa, Vette and Lucas with a shock and Antonio woke up Zoey and Jet. They were all meeting in the main room when T7 started beeping. They heard the sound of a radio. Antonio and Lucas climbed up into the top turret and looked through the glass. 3 shuttles were landing at the nearby mining facility. Sith Trooper scouts were running out and shining lights everywhere. "Guys! We gotta go!" yelled Lucas. They left the turret and the group ran to the exit. The ship started to shake and shift to the side. "Guys. We crashed on the edge of a mound of rocks. If we move too fast, the ship will fall into the lava." said Zoey. T7 rolled over to the exit door, which was now open, and fired a grappling hook which hooked into the lava. He then locked down, ensuring their saftey for a short amount of time. Antonio jumped out of the ship and landed on a pipe, which was exposed from under the rocks. Antonio helped Alyssa out and they ducked down after spotting a group of sith scouts. Jet and HK jumped out leaving Lucas, Vette and Zoey. Lucas and Vette jumped out and the ship started to fall off the edge of the mound of rocks. T7 rolled out of the ship and the starship slid down the side of the mountain of rocks and the front dropped into the lava. (The front of the ship is facing down and is submurged into lava and the back is still on the rocks) Antonio grabbed onto T7 grappling hook and was lowered down the edge of the mountain to the ship. T7 locked down and Lucas, Jet, Alyssa and Vette grabbed onto the droid to stop him from falling. Antonio reached out to Zoey's hand. They locked hands and they pulled him back up. The last of the StarStreaker sunk into the lava lake and they heard something. A group of sith scouts had spotted them. "RUN!" yelled Antonio. They dashed from the scouting group, hoping they would survive.

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