Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Tracked down

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



Antonio, Vette, Alyssa, Jet, Zoey, Lucas, HK-55 and T7 dashed through the rocky black terrain. They were being chased by a group of scout troopers. The deep black Elite Stormtroopers ran at them and started firing. T7 put up a shield and Zoey fired back with her rifle and one fell to the ground after a blast blew through it's head. They turned to run but realized they were at the end of the terrian. Lava on one side, Elite Stormtroopers on the other. "Guys! I got an idea!" Yelled Lucas. Nearby was a mining scaffolding in the lava. It reached high up and there was a rope going from the top to another black rock island. They dashed over to the scaffolding elevator while Jet and T7 defended against the Stormtroopers. Lucas tried activating it but the security system locked them out. "Move over tank, i got this." said Vette. She opened up a panel and after about 15 seconds of fiddling with the wires and cpu's it activated. "T7 Jet lets go!" yelled Antonio. They dashed onto the elevator as it rose to the top of the scaffolding. Once at the top Zoey pulled out a vibroknife and cut the elevators power by jabbing it into the control panel. The elevator crashed down and crushed 3 of the Stormtroopers. They walked over to the rope that reached to the other side.

"Alright T7 put out your astromech hand." said Zoey. She attached his astromech hand to the rope and T7 flew through the smoke and landed on the other side. HK-55 went next and landed on the other side. HK spotted a sniper about to shoot Alyssa and shot a blast through the now smoking trooper. Alyssa went next and screamed as she flew through the air, only holding onto the rope. She landed on the other side and started screaming. "Ow, rope burn. We need some kind of T-bar." exclaimed Vette. They looked around and Zoey got an idea. She undid her belt and threw it over the rope. She grabbed onto both sides and flew through the air. Shot flew by as they attempted to shoot her down but failed. Antonio did the same and made it to the other side. The scaffolding started to shake and Jet and Vette looked down. The scaffolding was sinking into the lava. If it got too low they wouldn't be able to make it over the rope. Vette grabbed a steel pipe and banged it on her leg, bending it into an arrow. She flew across the rope but gasped when she saw it. The lava was rising and the rope had started to smoke. Jet looked around for some kind of T-Bar but found none. A well aimed shot from a Stormtrooper blasted into Jet's chest and he collapsed. He fell to the ground eagle spread, a small red hole in his chest and a small puff of spoke coming out. "Go.... escape." said Jet before he fell unconsious.

The others dashed across the new island, leaving their fallen friend behind. A Stormtrooper Transport flew behind them and hovered behind them. The cannon on the top fired a stun blast and deactivated HK-55 and T7. Antonio pointed to a 5 person speeder nearby. Antonio got in the drivers seat while Zoey called shotgun and Lucas, Vette and Alyssa took the back 3 seats. The speeder took off with the transport behind them. It fired shots at them but Antonio dodged and the shots smashed into the ground and hot black rocks flew into the air with smoke. The door to the transport opened and 3 Elite Stormtroopers started firing at them. Vette pulled out her machine gun and fired. The 3 stormtroopers's corpses fell foward and the bullet filled bodies fell onto the hot black terrain. Lucas fired his rifle and killed 2 other troopers. Alyssa used her bowcaster and blew the proton cannon to pieces. But just when they thought they were going to win, a shielded trooper appeared. He fired a shot which blasted Alyssa out of the speeder and splattered her pink armored top with blood. Vette and Lucas's shots deflected off and he reloaded his rifle. "Guys! Abandon the speeder! Jump!" Yelled Zoey. Antonio and Zoey bailed to the right and Lucas and Vette bailed to the left. The speeder crashed into a wall of stone and the transport followed. It smashed into the wall and exploded.

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