Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Crushed by Stone

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



Antonio and Zoey dashed away from the burning wreck. Several Stormtrooper transports had come and 12 squads of troopers had poured out. They had barely gotten away. He could still hear the radio sounds and the shots being fired. Antonio and Zoey rolled down the black rock towards the lava. Zoey then pointed to something nearby. A cave. They nodded to eachother and ran in the cave. They spotted some old destroyed mining droids and 3 corpses. They all had lightsaber marks. "Hope we don't run into another sith." said Zoey. They walked through the old mine and spotted something at the end. They ran down the hall and found an old holocomm system. Antonio tried turning it on but nothing. He pulled out his blaster and shot a blast through the screen. It exploded and they heard the sound of a stormtrooper. "Hey. Theres someone in the mine!" said the trooper. Antonio and Zoey dashed down the hallway at top speed. They saw a blast streak past them and smash into the wall. Zoey squeaked and the troopers fired some more. They dodged and dashed through the tunnel, which had started to go up. Zoey pulled out a grenade and tossed it down the other end of the tunnel. The cave collapsed, blocking the troopers. Antonio and Zoey came out of the tunnel and found themselves on a cliff in the side of a mountain of black rocks. Antonio looked off the side. Next to the lava he could spot where the scaffolding had sunk and a sith base was nearby. He saw a huge metal crane fishing their ship out. If they searched the files, they could steal the frequency and all the Enclave passwords. "We gotta get down there!" exclaimed Antonio. Just then a transport flew up from under the cliff and the doorway opened. 2 stormtroopers appeared and a sith was on the roof of the transport. He ignited 2 red blades and started glowing red. Antonio and Zoey drew their weapons, knowing one of them may not survive

Meanwhile Lucas and Vette were attemtping to hide. They had run to the other way and several squads of troopers were following them. Lucas almost ran into lava as he was looking behind him. Vette stopped him and they were cornered. Several squads of troopers came into view and loaded their weapons. Vette chucked a flash grenade and they were blinded in a flash of white light. "Cmon!" said Vette. She pointed to several stones in the lava. Vette jumped to one and then to another. Lucas understood and followed. One of the troopers pulled out some sort of machine. A rocket launcher. It fired a blast of plasma at Lucas. He jumped from the rock he was standing on which exploded. Lava and pebbles flew into the air and as he was wearing trooper armor, he was safe. Vette made it to the end and looked at the trooper. Next to it was a sniper. "Lucas look out!" yelled Vette. Lucas screamed and the rocket blasted him off the rock and he landed next to Vette. The 3 ran from the troopers, not realizing they had jetpacks. The JetPack Elite Stormtroopers flew over and started firing. They continued to dash through the fiery plains. Another thing they didn't know was that they were being sniper. As they were running, a shot blasted Vette and she fell to the ground. Lucas was shot in the arm and collapsed. It was up to the others.

Antonio and Zoey pulled out their blasters and started firing at the transport. 2 of the troopers were killed and their corpses fell out of the transport and down into the lava below. The sith jumped down and force pushed Antonio off the cliffside. He tumbled off but managed to grab onto the edge with one of his hands. The sith force chocked Zoey and she dropped her rifle. "You traitor. My master sent you to go destroy the Enclave not join them!" yelled the sith. "Now you will die!" said the sith. His grip strengthened and she reached for her throat. Antonio looked under the cliffside and was several support beams. He fired his blaster at each of the beams, destroying them with one shot. The cliff broke off from the mountain and tumbled down the mountain. Antonio climbed back on just as the cliff fell into the lava and floated on it. The sith activated his lightsaber and slashed through Zoey. Blood splattered across her chest and she collapsed, leaving Antonio to do it. Antonio them remembered a trick his brother Arven taught him. He pulled out a blindfold and covered his eyes. He pulled out the saber he found and ignited it. He knew he would not be able to survive against this sith for more then 10 seconds, but that wasn't his intentions. The sith ran at Antonio and he blocked a slash. He blocked 2 more and after dodging a jab, he grabbed the sith's hand and threw him into the lava. He burst into flames and sunk into the red lava. "YOU WILL PAY!" yelled the sith before the last of him sunk into the sea of lava. Antonio walked over to Zoey. But as he knelt down, a shot hit him in the neck. He collapsed and all were captured.

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