Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Escape from Mustafar

Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 08, 2016



Antonio awoke, in another cell. Zoey was lying next to him, bandaged up but still hurt. Lucas was lying against the wall next to Vette and Alyssa. HK and T7 were also knocked out nearby. The cell then opened and Antonio tried to get up. He was still too weak. He fell back to the ground and a body was thrown into the cell. Antonio tapped Jet and he woke up. "Ah god. Those sith interrogated me. They've been tracking us since the Sky Base. They know where the Enclave is!" exclaimed Jet. "We have to destroy this base before they transfer the files to all the other sith!" exclaimed Antonio. He got an idea. "Hey guard dude, why the heck would u put my droid inside the cell, it has a mining drill so i can escape." said Antonio. The guard opened the cell, pulled the droid out and closed it again. T7 then activated. "T7 kill the guard and let us out!" yelled Jet. T7 beeped and looked at the guard. "T7=will kill sith! Guard=foolish to underestimate T7." said T7. He fired a high powered blast which blasted through the skull of the trooper and the body fell to the ground. T7 plugged into the console and the door deactivated. Jet fired a blaster in the air and the others woke up. "Where are we!?" asked Alyssa. "Escaping a sith base. Well destroying it then escaping it." said Jet. They walked over to the door and opened it up. They were in a decently big room and at the end was 20 Elite Stormtroopers guarding a console. "Exclamation: That console is being used to send the location and tracking data." said HK-55. "Alright we need a plan. There are too many troopers for us to just run in shooting like crazy." said Vette. "I got it!" said Lucas. He grabbed a crate inside the room and pulled it out. He opened it up and pulled out 3 tunings. They were small pins that when added to a weapon, increase it's power. Lucas added one to his rifle, one to Antonio's pistols and another to Vette's cannon. "Now we fight!" said Lucas.

They ran into the room and loaded their weapons. Vette pulled out her cannon and blasted 3 troopers apart. 2 of the troopers had rocket launchers. Alyssa and one of the rocket troopers fired at eachother, killing the trooper and knocking Alyssa into the wall. She groaned in pain and clutched her stomach where she her clothes were singed with smoke and a bit of ash. HK-55 fired at 3 of them and Lucas fired 3 lightning blasts at the troopers, killing 6. "Threat: Die Meatbags!" yelled HK-55. "HK look out!" yelled Lucas. T7 killed one, leaving 6 left. The last 6 took cover and fired at them, knocking Lucas and HK out of the fight. Lucas collapsed and HK-55 was zapped with lightning from an exploded power generator and collapsed. Zoey fired at 2 of them with her Czerka rifle and they were shot into the wall. Antonio head shot one, blowing it's brains out and onto the wall. He shot another and the room started to shake. The exploded power generator damaged some of the support beams under them. Half the base was on the side of a mountain of rocks and over lava. The half of the room the console was on broke off and started slowly falling backwards into the lava, only connected by a few connecting beams in the walls. Antonio and Zoey tried destroying it but couldn't get an accurate hit. "I got an idea but i may burn to death!" said Antonio. He jumped off that side of the building and fell towards the room. He grappling hooked onto T7 who was locked down on the safe side and Antonio ignited his saber. He swung through the smoke, slicing the console in half. He grappled back up and they ran from the room. They escaped the base and outside was the StarStreaker. They took off in their ship and flew into space. 

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