Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Defend the Temple

Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



The StarStreaker came out of hyperspace above Yavin 4. After a 3 hour hyperspace travel they were ready to relax. "Alright lets land and be done with this thing!" said Vette. Just then 12 Sith Cruisers came out of hyperspace. "WHAT!? HOW!?" exclaimed Lucas. "Did anyone get rid of the tracker on this thing?" asked Alyssa. They all realized they never turned off the tracker the sith put on the ship. They dispatched troop transports, sith fighters and other ships to the planet. One of the nearby cruisers started firing at the StarStreaker. The blasts shook the ship and the others were knocked off their feet. Jet flew the ship down to the planet, trailing smoke and flames. The ship flew through the atmosphere and they spotted it. Several cruisers firing at the jedi temple. "If we don't report to Solo, were dead!" said Alyssa. "We have to help!" yelled Antonio. He opened the back door. "Zoey and Lucas cmon. T7 you come too. The rest of you get to the Enclave and warn Solo of the attack!" yelled Antonio. They walked over to the door. Alyssa ran from the main room and grabbed Antonio. She kissed him and pushed him out the door. "See ya soon handsome." said Antonio. He jumped out of the ship as it dropped down and the 3 plus T7 landed at the landing pads of the temple. They spotted the Defender nearby so Alex and the others were here. The 4 ran towards the entrance to the temple, which had been blown to pieces. They spotted Shawn and Kira fighting off sith warriors. "Hey sith dudes!" yelled Lucas. The sith looked to them and Lucas pulled out Alyssa's bowcaster. It blasted the 2 into corpses and they were slammed against the wall. "What? She didn't need it right now." said Lucas.

"Shawn. Whats going on?" asked Zoey. "Starkiller and Ahsoka attacked the imperial embassy. The whole jedi council and sith council are facing off against eachother in the council room at the top of the temple. "We have to help!" said Lucas. The 4 plus Shawn ran to the staircase leading up. They passed Jedi fighting sith. They spotted Rey fighting 2 sith acolytyes at once and spotted 2 familiar jedi fighting off Darth Maul in the hallway that leads to the council room. Lily had her dual bladed green lightsaber and Cody for some reason was only fighting with his crossguard darksaber. Lily was force pushed back and used the force to shield Cody. He ran at Maul and clashed with him, blocking his shots and was able to knock him across the room. Cody and Lily stood back and started to glow. They were centering all their power. Once they had enough, they released a deadly force push. It blasted him through the wall and through a window. Cody and Lily embraced eachother as they were exhausted and collapsed. The heroes continued on to the door, which was locked. "Stand back!" yelled Lucas. He fired his crossbow which blew the door down. They rushed in and saw the stand off.

Luke was facing off with Darth Zenlo (Member of sith council). Raymond was facing off against Darth Vizla. Ahsoka was facing off against Vader and Starkiller was facing off against someone familiar. "Lucian!?" exclaimed Shawn. Darth Lucian, a sith lord who fought against them in the fight for the Door of Darkness on Mandalore. He clutched 2 red blades. "Shawn.... how good to see you." said Lucian. He used the force and blasted them throught the wall. Now there was no longer a wall blocking the hallway to the council room. Just rubble. The sith and jedi clashed in a huge fight. Luke blocked Zenlo's slashes and dodged his jabs wielding his green lightsaber. Raymond blocked shots as Darth Vizla propelled into the air with her jetpack and fired force lightning at his golden blade. Vader fought Ahsoka on the council's holocomm and Ahsoka was just able to block his slashes with her 2 white blades. Antonio rose from the ground and saw Starkiller and Lucian jump onto the top of the roof and continue the battle. He saw Luke's lightsaber get blasted out of his hand by lightning and Zenlo put his saber at Luke's neck. Luke closed his eyes and something nearby started to rattle. R2-D2 came into the hallway and something flew out of his dome. Luke force pushed Zenlo back and grabbed it. He ignited a red shoto blade and jabbed Zenlo in the stomach.

Just then they heard the sound of 2 people fighting. "ALEX YOUR GOING TO CRASH!" yelled a voice. "I CAN'T FLY PERFECTLY IN A SHIP THATS ON FIRE!" yelled a voice. The room exploded and the floor collapsed. Luke, Zenlo, Vader, Ahsoka, Vizla and Raymond fell down the hole and landed somewhere below. Antonio, Lucas, Shawn, T7 and Zoey rose from the smoke filled room and looked at the council wall. The Defender had crashed through the wall and they spotted Alex and Brianna in the cockpit. The Defender backed up out of it and hovered outside the room. 3 sith acolytyes then entered the room and blasted them with lighting. Antonio and Zoey ducked but Lucas was zapped with lightning and his cybernetic parts and his heavy cyber armor deactivated. He collapsed next to Antonio and Zoey. Shawn had been blasted door the hole. The boarding pad of the Defender opened up and Brianna appeared. She ignited her twin blue blades and force jumped to their side of the room. She clashed with the sith and blocked their shots with her twin blades. She moved fast and quick, so they were unable to get any hits. She cut down one, force pushed one out a window and decapitated the last.

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