Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - The Medical Bay

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



The Defender was flying over the trees of Yavin 4, with Brianna and Alex talking to Antonio and Zoey while Lucas watched T7 and King talk to eachother in droidspeak. "Station X? I feel like that space is familiar. Eh i'll figure that out later." said Alex. "Hey guys? Did you give T7 a Sith Empire button?" asked Lucas from the other room. Antonio and Zoey walked into the other room and saw Lucas looking at T7. He had a black button on his dome with the Sith Empire logo on it. Antonio ripped it off and looked at it closely. "This ain't just any button! It's a tracker! That sith guard T7 fought must have bugged him!" said Antonio. "That explains why they're here! They thought that T7 had downloaded some kind of information from Station X and was bringing it to the Jedi! They thought we were taking it to Arven!" exclaimed Zoey. "Arven's busy with some kind of mission with Scarzon. They're on Balmorra taking care of those annoying caterpillar monsters, colicoids or something." said Alex. Zoey grabbed the button, opened the window and threw it into the air. She quickly pulled out her sniper rifle and fired a single shot, blowing the tracker to pieces. "Great. Well hopefully they won't be able to find the Enclave." said Zoey. The Defender flew through another group of trees and they were there. The Enclave of Treasures. It looked similiar to when they left, besides the new weapons and forcefields. They landed at the landing pad specifically for jedi and the 4 left the ship. When they walked out they heard a scream of a girl. "They're here!" yelled Alex. To the side, Jet, Vette, HK-47 and 3 medics were walking a stretcher out of the forest. They could only see the figure of a girl. "We'll wait here. Go." said Brianna. Alex, Zoey, Lucas and T7 took off towards the medical bay.

When they got to the exit, Jet and Vette were waiting outside the door. "What happend." asked Lucas. "She stood no chance. There were so many!" said Vette. "I'll tell them." said Jet as he began her story.

The Starstreaker had just dropped off Antonio, Lucas, Zoey and T7 and was now heading back to the Enclave. So many sith were there, they might not come back. If they didn't, it would be up to them to warn the Enclave. Vette was sitting in the main room playing dejarikk with HK-47. Jet was in the cockpit flying the ship. Alyssa was lying against the exit playing a game on her datapad. Suddenly the ship shook and the exit opened. She fell backwards out the ship and landed on the extended boarding pad. She looked up and saw a sith fighter following the StarStreaker. "Guys! A fighter!" yelled Alyssa. Vette got up and ran into the turret. She fired a single shot and blew the fighter apart. The rubble crashed onto the top of the StarStreaker causing it to shake. Alyssa stumbled back to the edge of the boarding pad and fell. She screamed and fell 20 feet to the cold hard ground. "Don't worry Alyssa, we got it.... Alyssa?" said Vette. She ran to the back and saw the door opened. "OMG! JET STOP THE SHIP GO BACK!" yelled Vette. Alyssa got up the ground and looked around. Trees, trees and more trees. Then she heard a noise. A Nexu came out of the bushes. She reached for her bowcaster. It was gone. "Lucas!" said Alyssa as she realized who took it. 3 more Nexu emerged from the bushes and she knew she had to fight them off. "Jet. Get the cords and i'll find Alyssa. Go to the Enclave and call 3 medics. Vette pulled out her cannon, attached her pistols to her belt and put a vibroblade on her back. She jumped out of the ship and it continued to fly to the Enclave. She ran through the trees until she heard a scream. She came into a small clearing and saw 4 Nexu corpses and something attacking Alyssa. Vette dropped her cannon and grabbed her blade. She sliced it in half and the body flew into a bush. Alyssa was covered in blood and green liquid. Her clothes looking like they went through a shredder and her hair was a mess. "Alyssa.... Alyssa! Wake up!" said Vette. She looked behind her to see Jet and HK-47 along with 3 medics. "She's dying! Help!" said Vette

"So that's what happened." said Vette. "Did you see what monster it was?" asked Zoey. "The body is in the medical bay." said Vette. The door opened and a medic walked out. "You may enter." said the doctor

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