Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - The Emergency Room

Submitted: September 13, 2016

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Submitted: September 13, 2016



Antonio, Lucas, Vette, Jet, Zoey, HK-55 and T7 walked into the room. Alyssa was lying in the bed, looking bloody and mangled. "Antonio... my heart." said Alyssa. They had told him that the monster had bitten her heart and actually pierced it. "Antonio..... come here." said Alyssa. He walked over and held her hand. She grabbed the back of his head and they kissed. Zoey pulled out her sniper rifle and started polishing it. After they were done she fell back asleep. Antonio continued to hold her hand for a few more seconds. "So what is wrong with her? What attcked her?" asked Lucas. "We don't know. Follow." said a doctor. They lead them to another table where 2 scientists were studying the monsters body.

It was a grey monster with rough grey skin, no eyes and sharp bloody green teeth. It had sharp claws and black spikes on it's head. The monster looked un-natural, like a zombie. Plus there was several scars and some blood on it. The thing was, not all of it was red. The red blood on it was Alyssa's but some of it was green. Zoey put her hand on the corpse. It was cold. She saw the scientists pull out green slime. The scientists were inside of it, trying to figure out what it was. They had several piles of slime with slimy organs with it. There was also a bloody vibroknife next to it. It was Alyssa's. "I know what that is." said Antonio. "How?" asked Vette. "Me and my friend fought them on Correllia. They're called Rakghouls. They unleashed some kind of huge plauge, killing so many people." explained Antonio. "Is it curable?" asked Zoey. "N...... No.... There is one but it's extremely rare. Only found on Correllia" said Antonio with sadness. Zoey put her arm around him to comfort him. They walked to the exit. "Antonio... help!" said Alyssa.

They looked back at the bed. Her vitals were rising. "My heart.... it's.... AHHH!" screamed Alyssa. "The rakghoul poison has spread to her heart! She's dying!" exclaimed Antonio. "Lucas! Jet! How fast can you get to Correlia!?" asked Vette. "Why does that matter?" asked Jet. "Go to Correllia! NOW!" yelled Vette and she threw them out. The 2 ran to the StarStreaker which started to hover above the ground. A shot came from the sky and hit it, knocking it back against the ground. Antonio, Vette, Han and Zoey ran outside and looked up. 4 huge sith cruisers were floating in the sky above the Enclave. Transports were landing outside the clearing the base was in. Han hit a button on the wall. "EVERYBODY! SITH INVASION PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" yelled Han. Everybody pulled out weapons including rifles, pistols, vibroblades, snipers and cannons. Alex and Brianna left the Defender and they each ignited their lightsabers. Antonio loaded his pistols, Zoey activated her sniper, Vette pulled out her cannon and HK-55 reloaded his rifles.

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