Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Raid on the Imperial Base

Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



The StarStreaker came into the correlian atmosphere and flew through the clouds. The team inside was getting ready for the raid. "Alright guys get ready to fight!" said Jet. Jet set the ship on autopilot and pulled out his blaster pistol. He reloaded and left the cockpit. Antonio had his 2 pistols, Flashy and BloodStrike, in his hands as he walked out the main room to the ship exit. Alyssa followed with her Bowcaster and Sergeant Rusk with his cannon. "All right HK grab your rifle. Lets go shoot up some sith!" said Lucas as he and HK grabbed their rifles. Goss grabbed his small rifle and followed as the SkyStreaker landed in the sith base which was a huge floating fortress in the sky. "This is a restricted area. Turn back or die!" said a voice on the holocomm. The ship door opened and chaos ensued. Antonio headshot the first 2 troopers and they scattered. Antonio, Alyssa and HK-47 took cover behind some nearby crates while Lucas and Goss took cover behind a speeder and fired at the incoming troopers. Rusk was in the middle, firing at anybody who got close.  "Guys! Watch out!" yelled Antonio when he saw something in the distance. A huge walker came into sight and fired a few shots at the speeder. Goss and Lucas jumped out of the way as the speeder burst into flames and exploded. Lucas kept firing from behind the flames and smoke while Goss recovered from the explosion. "Goss! Hack into the cannon!" yelled Alyssa. Goss looked over and saw a deactivated cannon with a dead trooper next to it. He ran over and started hacking into it. "I need time! Distract the troopers!" yelled Goss. Rusk, HK-47, Lucas and Alyssa ran out from behind their cover and started firing. "Antonio! Get to the basement and grab the supplies!" yelled Rusk. Antonio nodded and snuck past the troopers and ran through the base. He saw a stairwell at the end of the hall and ran down it.

He slowly stepped down the stairs and watched as an imperial officer walked around the corner and spotted him. He pulled out a blaster and shot Antonio in the chest. He gasped in pain and ducked another shot. He double shot the officer in the head and continued down the stairs. He looked around the corner and saw a group of officers sitting at a long holotable. Antonio clicked the button on 3 grenades and chucked them under the same. The grenades exploded and the whole room exploded into smoke and flames. He looked through the smoke and the holotable was broken in pieces, the consoles were burnt and the officers were all dead. He walked over the charred corpses and over to a group of crates marked "Enclave security system". Antonio clicked a button on his holocomm. "Alyssa. I found the security drones im coming back now." said Antonio. He pulled a switch on his blaster and pointed it on the ceiling. He used a continues laser to slice a hole through the ceiling. "Goss the hatch is open." said Antonio. A metal claw came down and latched onto the crates. It pulled them up and dropped then next to the ship. Alyssa and Rusk pushed them into the cargo bay and went back to fighting. Antonio started to walk out of the room when he heard a beep. He looked back to where the crates were and an astromech was hidden behind one of the crates. A T7 unit. "Oh hey buddy. You got captured by the imperials?" asked Antonio. "T7=Need help. Hero=remove restraining bolt" said T7. Antonio bent down and took off the bolt. "Cmon i can get you outta here." said Antonio. The 2 ran out of the room towards the stairs. Just then he saw a box of grenades fall down the stairs. All set to explode. "Oh hell no! T7 run!" yelled Antonio. They dived away from the bombs as they exploded, destroying the whole room.

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