Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Defend the Starfighter

Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



SithTroopers dashed through the trees and wildlife and shots fired. The Enclave soldiers fired back but the troopers were stronger. 3 AT-AT's emerged from the trees. Just then the holocomm went off. "Guys! They're trying to destroy the Defender and Starstreaker! We need help. No-zzzzzzz" said Brianna before she was cut off. Antonio, Zoey, HK, T7 and Vette dashed to where the landing pads were. Several war droids appeared and started firing. Antonio tackled the other 2 behind a barricade and HK-55 ran into battle. He kicked one of the war droids to the side and shot the other 2 in the head. Antonio looked up from behind the barricade and spotted Alex and Brianna defending the Enclave Starfighters from the war droids. Alex dodged a missle and sliced through 2 droids, cutting them into scrap. Brianna was spinning through the crowd of war droids, killing any who got near her. But one war droid remained. A huge one, about the size of the StarStreaker. It fired a missle and Alex and Brianna dived away from the missle. They hit the ground and reignited their sabers. The war droid fired a shot at Brianna who was blasted 8 feet away. Antonio, Vette, HK and Zoey arrived to see Alex destroy it. He started to glow and fired a blast of golden force lightning at the droid. It exploded, creating a crater in the ground. "Get your ship outta here!" yelled Alex as he and Brianna ran back into battle. 4 more war droids arrived and started firing. They took cover behind some crates and Vette activated her cannon. She mowed them down and 8 more came. Zoey sniper 2 and HK took out 4. Antonio destroyed the last 2 with a grenade and watched as a familiar ship landed nearby. The Slave 1. Boba Fett and he were rivals, fighting eachother ocasionally. But nobody ever won the fights as they were always ended by something else. Once he and Fett fought on top of a building on Corusant, a Republic frighter smashed through it and they were forced to flee. A volcanic eruption on Mustafar and a bomb also stopped duels on Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa. But now he was determined to defeat Fett. 

"Guys. You defend the ship, i got some busines!" said Antonio. He dashed towards the Slave 1 and chucked a grenade through the glass. The Slave 1 exploded and Boba Fett walked out of the smoke, unscathed and uninjured. He fired at Antonio who dodged and the 2 took cover behind barricades. Antonio fired at Fett who dodged his attacks and fired a high powered shot, blowing Antonio's barricade into the air. Antonio dodged another one and slid across the dirt, past Boba Fett. But when he was next to him, he attached a grenade to Fett. It exploded but he survived. Boba Fett fired at Antonio with his flamethrower, burning part of his arm. He chucked a flash grenade, which Fett dodged by activating his jetpack. He blasted into the air and started firing at Antonio. He dodged the shots and fired a shot at the jetpack. It was a direct hit and Fett came back down. He fired a rocket out of his jetpack and Antonio ducked under and rocket which hit the Slave 1, and blasted one of the engines into the sky. He punched Boba Fett and he stumbled back. Boba Fett kicked Antonio in the stomach and he stumbled back as well. Suddenly the ground started to shake and a crack appeared in the ground, seperating Fett from Antonio. Fett jumped back into the Slave 1 and another engine appeared on it. The Slave 1 plummeted into the lava filled crevice and Antonio dashed from the crack. The Slave 1 flew out of the crevice and flew away from the Enclave. He then watched the StarStreaker take off into space. He didn't know it till it was open and when he turned around he watched an imperial agent fire at him. Everything went black and he drifted away.

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