Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - HeartShot

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



Antonio rose from the table. Then he fell back down. He couldn't see at all, all he could see was black. He felt the cold metal table he was on. "I must be in the medical room." Antonio thought. He heard the beeping from the vital machine. The weird thing is, it was flatlining. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep..... beep...... beep...... beep. "Guys. Guys! I think hes alive!" exclaimed a voice. He opened his eyes and saw the bright light above him. Zoey, Vette and Lucas were standing in front of him. "He's alive!" exclaimed Zoey. "Wait. Whats your favorite food?" asked Vette. "Um... pancakes?" answered Antonio. "He's not a clone! He's alive!" yelled Vette. "What the hell happened to me?" asked Antonio. Everything went silent. "Um.... you died." said Zoey. "No seriously." said Antonio. "She's not kidding." said Lucas and the flashback began.

Zoey had just sniped the Slave 1's engine. It exploded and the ship spun out of control and crashed into the Enclave Temple. "Ooooh. I'll blame that on Lucas." thought Zoey.

"Hey!" exclaimed Lucas. "Not the point Lucas. Continue." said Antonio.

She then saw Antonio dashing away from teh crevice as lava burst from it. He slowly walked backwards but didn't notice what was behind him. An imperial agent with a sniper rifle. "Antonio! WATCH OUT!" yelled Zoey. Lucas and Vette noticed the situation and gasped. Antonio looked behind him and right when he turned his head, the sniper fired. The bullet smashed into his chest. and blood exploded out. He fell to the ground and Vette dropped her cannon. She pulled her vibroblade off her back and threw it at the sniper. He ran from the group and came face to face with Solo and Chewbacca. Han shot him in the arm and Chewbacca grabbed the man and threw him across the clearing. Han Solo aimed his pistol and fired it. It blew through his skull and the agent died. Han rushed over to Antonio. "Get him the medical bay, hes still breathing!" said Solo. 

Lucas and Chewbacca carried him to the medical bay with Zoey and Vette behind them. T7 and HK-55 also came. They ran into the room and laid him on the metal table. "Get him stabalized!" said a doctor. The doctors and nurses scrambled to help him. "He's flatlining!" exclaimed Zoey. The beeping kept getting closer and closer until.


"NO! NO NO NO! ANTONIO!" yelled Zoey over his body. Lucas took off his helmet and they all dropped their weapons. "NOOOOOOO!" yelled Zoey. "T7.... contact Arven and Scarzon and tell them to come here immediantly." said Lucas. "T7=very sad. T7=will contact them. Arven+Scarzon=will also be very sad.

"Ok how did i survive and how long has it been?" asked Antonio. "They did heart surgery on you. The bullet blew right through it. And about 6 hours." said Vette. "What about Alyssa!?" exclaimed Antonio. He looked over to see an empty bed. "You don't realize who gave you the heart?" asked Zoey with tears in her eyes. Antonio then came to the realization. Alyssa had given him her heart in order for him to live. It's because of her he's alive. Tears rushed down Antonio's face. He ran out of the room and outside. "T7=will follow him. T7=will contact if he's okay." said T7 and he followed. Antonio walked outside and saw Han attempting to fight off 3 sith. "NO!" yelled Antonio as loud as he could. He didn't even notice the Sith Fury fighter land and his brothers exit. He dashed to the scene and fired at the sith. All 3 collapsed as they didn't even notice the shots. Arven and Scarzon ran over to him as Antonio fainted. "Antonio!" yelled Arven. 

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