Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Invasion of the Temple

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



"Deploy HK-99." said Kylo Ren. He was observing the battle between the Enclave and his forces from his sith flagship above the planet. 'Sir. Are you sure?" asked the officer. "Kylo Ren force choked him for a few seconds before releasing him. "Do it. Now!" said Ren. The officer fired a pod containing a certain weapon inside. It smashed into the ground and the door opened. The weapon stepped out and walked to the temple.

Antonio was sitting inside the barracks trying to recover. He had just found out his girlfriend sacrificed himself to save his life and he had saved Han Solo's life and killed 3 sith with ease. He knew he was force sensiteve enough to become a jedi, but should he. He would have to let go of all attachments, which would probadly kill him. But he would be given a better life then the Enclave. Living in a top class temple, not always going on missions every day and facing death and blaster fire every second of those missions. He would be able to relax, have a frickin laser sword, not face death too much. Antonio picked up his lightsaber out of his bag. He still had the lightsaber he took from Station X. He was force sensetive enough and with his added vibroblade training he was able to wield it. He ignited the blue blade and looked at it for a few minutes. The build shook and he was knocked out of his bunk. He left the room and saw T7 waiting for him. "Sith=pulled back. Sith=deployed superweapon to invade the temple!" exclaimed T7. He saw a body fly across the room and ran down the entrance.

An HK like droid was standing in the entranceway wielding 2 red lightsabers and a rifle on his back. "Woah! Where are the others?" asked Antonio. The droid sliced through 2 more soldiers and the 2 ran back to where the others were. Zoey, Lucas, Jet, Solo, Arven, Scarzon, Chewwie, Vette, HK-55 and 4 other soldiers were lined up in the entrance to the main Enclave room. "Antonio! Get down!" yelled Solo. He ducked a slash from the droid and dived out of the way. A ray shield appeared around the droid and he grabbed Vette by the neck. He tossed her across the room and Scarzon gasped. "NOBODY HURTS VETTE!" yelled Scarzon and he ignited his red and blue blades. He clashed with the droid and destroyed it's sabers but not the ray shield. He fired a shot at Scarzon and he was blasted through the archway and laid in the main room. Chewwie fired his bowcaster at the ceiling, crushing the droid with stone. The HK droid rose from the rubble and blasted Chewbacca into the main temple room wall. Han and Lucas attempted to rush him but were tossed at the throne in the main room. Antonio, HK, Zoey, Arven, Jet and T7 walked back into the Enclave room and the droid followed. He slaughtered the 2 Enclave soldiers and Jet's neck. He crushed it with his hand and threw him at the wall. HK-55 attempted to kill him with a vibroknife but HK-99 just stabbed his hand into the chassis of HK-55 and ripped out the power core. He threw the body at the wall and continued towards the other 3. T7 tried zapping HK-99 with an electric shock but the ray shield blocked it out and he tried destroying T7. Arven stabbed his lightsaber into the ray shield and disabled it. But he grabbed Arven and smashed him through the temple wall into another room.

Antonio got an idea and pulled out a grenade. He set it off and stuck it to the droid. Antonio ran at the wall and smashed through. Antonio, Arven, Zoey and T7 dashed from the scene with HK-99 following. 

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