Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Into the fighter

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



Antonio, Jet, Zoey, King and Arven dashed to the landing pads where the fighters were. But on the way HK-99 appeared and fired another shot at Zoey, who dodged. Antonio ignited his lightsaber and so did Arven. They cut through him and the body collapsed. "Transferring entity to copy body." said the body. "They have another body!" exclaimed Arven. "Alright who's flying?" asked Antonio. 4 people raised their hands. Alex, Cody, a clone trooper named Captain Blue and a trooper named Jace Malcom were flying. Malcom and Blue would be in Y-Wings, Cody would take a white X-Wing and Alex would take his gold Jedi Interceptor. "Alright i'll take that black X-Wing." said Antonio. A small orange and white BB unit rolled up to him. "Well Poe Dameron is in combat right now, so i guess you can go. Take his astromech BB-8." said one of the pilots. Antonio climbed into the X-Wing and T7 got in the extra astromech port. Zoey climbed into a smaller ship called "The Phantom" and started it up. Arven ran to the Defender. Jet got into another Y-Wing and the group of fighters took off. "Alright so why are we doing this Antonio?" asked Zoey. "That entity transferred into another body inside one of these ships. We gotta take it down before it hits the ground. If it makes it to the ground were dead." said Antonio. He spotted a group of Tie fighters protecting a Tie Advanced. "T7 scan the Tie Advanced." said Antonio. T7 beeped and scanned the fighter. "Tie Advanced=no life forms. HK-99=in control of Tie Advanced." said T7. BB-8 beeped trying to tell him something. A shot was fired and hit the wing of the X-Wing. "Evasive manuevers! Were being hit from behind!" yelled Antonio and he dived out of the way of the fire. He saw the Y-Wings take down 2 sith fighters and another 2 pop up and start firing at Captain Blue's fighter. Smoke started to trail from the engines and after 4 more seconds the ship exploded and crashed into the ground.

The group of ships then caught up to the group of Tie fighters which consisted of 12. Antonio and Zoey fired and took out 4. Jet and Alex flew by and took out another 4. Arven arrived in the Defender and took out 2 before a rocket hit the sides and a proton laser smashed through the hull. The Defender flew low to regen the shields and Cody flew by in his X-Wing. He took out 1 and Malcom took out another. The Tie Advanced fired 2 rockets and a small pod. The rockets smashed into Malcom's ship and it crashed into the ground. "Malcom? You okay?" asked Cody through the comm. "Yeah yeah. I'm fine." said Malcom. The the small pod smashed into the phantom and broke open. Several buzz droids came out and started slicing off things. Zoey hit a button and sent an electrical shock throughout the ship. It zapped the buzz droids off but also damaged the engines. The wing was smoking and going up in flames. Zoey fired at the Tie Advanced and part of the wing was blown off. The turret spun around and fired at Cody. He attempted to dodge but one of the shots pierced the engine and the X-Wing crashed into another ship below. Now only Antonio, Zoey, Jet and Alex remained. The Tie Advanced then spun around and flew at them. It started firing rockets at Jet's Y-Wing. One of them hit the engine which caused it to explode and the fighter spun out of control. It smashed into the side of the Enclave Temple and broke into pieces. The comm set then beeped and a bomb warning appeared. "There's a bomb in that shuttle! If we don't get it outta there it'll crash into the ground and kill everyone!" exclaimed Antonio. Alex spun his interceptor while firing, damaging the Tie Advanced. 3 bombers flew by towards the temple. "Guys! I'll take care of the bombers! Take down the advanced!" yelled Alex. His interceptor flew after the bombers leaving only 2 of them. The Tie Advanced fired several rockets at the Phantom, destroying the wing and damaging it. "Zoey i got an idea! Give me your control code and i'll take control of the Phantom!" yelled Antonio over the comm set. "Alright but why?" asked Zoey. "Because. It's my time." said Antonio. The code went through and he hit the eject cockpit button. "What!? Antonio no!" yelled Zoey. The cockpit of the ship dettached from the main ship and flew into the clearing below. Antonio got back into control of his vehicle and sped up. He went as fast as he could and set the shields to high. Zoey got out of her ship and looked up. "NO!" yelled Zoey. The black X-Wing smashed into the Tie Advanced. The whole sky lit up in flames and the ships exploded. Zoey watched wreckage fall from the sky and one of them fell near her. She looked into the rubble and saw something silver in the burnt metal. Antonio's blaster, Flashy....

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