Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - A New Chapter

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Everyone in the Enclave was gathered in the old temple. After Antonio sacrificed himself to save the others, they found his blaster. Zoey and Lucas had framed it and hung it in the StarStreaker. They had creamated the wreckage of the X-Wing and any ashes inside and were burying it inside the temple. "Alright. So Solo where is the new location were moving to?" asked Zoey. "The wreckage of the Endar Spire on Taris. Nobody could get in there." said Solo. Everybody had left in their ships except for Zoey, Lucas, Han, Chewwie, Jet, Vette, HK-55, Arven, Scarzon and T7. "Well i ain't part of this Enclave so bye. Don't worry i won't tell the Sith your new location." said Scarzon before exiting the room. "Well i got nothing to do right now. I'll come with you." said Arven. They left the temple and Lucas, Zoey, Jet and HK-55 went into the StarStreaker while Han, Chewwie, T7 and Arven went into the falcon. The 2 ships took off into the sky and on a path to Taris.

"ZOEY!" yelled a voice. He rose from under the black charred X-Wing engine and looked around. He was in a burnt up forest. He looked next to him and saw one of his blasters. But his lucky blaster Flashy was gone. Antonio walked out of the forest to where the Enclave was. "Guys! I'm ali-" said Antonio. The whole clearing was burnt, blown up and destroyed. But the whole Enclave was gone. No ships or people. He then saw something on the ground. His datapad. He clicked on it and saw something. A new Republic Cell lead by Starkiller, Ahsoka, Alex, Lily, Shawn, Cody and Brianna. "They could help me find the Enclave!" exclaimed Antonio. Just then a shot in the back knocked him down. "Take him away!" yelled the sith trooper. "What!? NO!" yelled Antonio. He was being taken away to who knows where and the bad thing is, nobody knows hes alive. 

(Just to be clear this book takes place after the end of book 4 and before book 5 in the Star Wars Uncharted Series)

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