Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Escape the Sky Base

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



Antonio got up off the cold hard ground and felt something wet on his waist. He looked down and saw a splatter of blood on his waist. T7 was next to him. "Skybase=collapsing. Hero and T7=have to leave immediantly!" beeped T7 and the 2 left the room. As they walked up the stairs the fortress started to shake. They got up and Antonio saw his friends surrounded. On the sides there were huge crates blocking that and in front were a huge war droid and 3 groups of troopers. "We need to do something!" yelled Antonio. He looked over and saw a huge blaster cannon. He ran over to it but halfway there 6 troopers shot at him. Antonio dived and shot one of the troopers. T7 used his blaster and killed 3 more. Antonio shot the last 2 with his 2 blasters and ran over to the cannon. He tried climbing in but a ray shield knocked him off. He saw a wire that lead to a generator surrounded with explosives. 8 troopers surrounded him and he attempted to fend them off. "Antonio!" yelled Alyssa as she pointed to the smuggler in the distance. Rusk saw they would all die if the generator would not explode. "Tell Arven he was a great leader." said Rusk. He charged at the generator and fired at the explosives. "Rusk!" yelled Goss. A ray shield blocked it. Rusk ran over to it and stuck the cannon through the ray shield. "NO!" yelled Antonio. He pulled the trigger and the whole area exploded. Antonio climbed into the cannon and fired at the deadly war droid. It exploded and Alyssa and the others were able to fend off the troopers. "No vital signs inside the blast zone." said HK-47. Antonio ran over to the explosion area and saw half of the area had broken off of the fortress and fallen to the ground below. All that remained was ash, and a burnt cannon. "T7=knew Rusk well. T7=feels bad." said T7. "We can't mourn him if were dead lets go!" said Antonio as he picked up the cannon. 3 more war droids started to go at them and they ran to the ship. It hovered into the air and Antonio tossed the cannon in. T7 blasted in with his jets and Antonio climbed inside as the boarding pad closed. 

The StarStreaker flew away from the fortress as 12 Sith Fighters were dispatched from the 

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