Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - HyperSpace Escape

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



The StarStreaker flew through the clouds of Correlia as fast as the ship could. Several sith fighter that had escaped the destruction of the sky fortress were speeding after it. "All fighters converge and fire on the ship." said the main pilot. The fighters flew into a V formation and fired. Shots of plasma zoomed through the air and hit the shields with extreme force. "The shields are down! We can't take this much firepower!" yelled Jet. Antonio opened up the top turrets blast door and climbed in. The glass had been blasted away but the turret was still operational. He strapped himself in and started firing back. "What is that kid doing? The wind will blow him off the ship!" said one of the fighter pilots. "Aim for the kid. Shoot to kill!" said the fighter leader. Antonio watched as several blasts barely missed him as he shot down 4 fighters. The fighter leader then dodged a blast and barrel rolled. Midway through it fired a torpedo and blasted Antonio out of the turret. He laid on the ship, only keeping still because of the belt attachment to the seat of the turret. "Antonio? Antonio!? Jet we lost our top turret." said Alyssa. Goss opened up the blast turret doors and climbed up. He got into the seat and started firing back at the fighters. He killed the last fighters except for the leader. "DIE!" yelled the leader. He fired another torpedo but this time Goss jumped out of the turret and tumbled down to the edge of the ship. He hit a button and the boarding pad extended. He let go but instead of falling onto the pad he fell to the side and grabbed onto the edge. Alyssa opened the door and saw Goss hanging off the side. She grabbed onto the extension pole on the pad and used her other hand to grab his. Just then the pole broke and they tumbled off the side. She grabbed onto the edge as well and they hung from the edge.

"We gotta do something! Jet is the astromech elevator working?" asked Lucas. "Yeah it's working." yelled Jet as the ship swerved to the side to avoid a missle. "Hmm. Is that what i think it is?" said the fighter pilot with a smile. He noticed Goss and Alyssa hanging off the side. He aimed the fighter missles at them ready to fire. Just before he could hit the button to fire, a shot fired through the glass and hit his chest. He then saw his attackers. Lucas, T7 and HK-47 were on the top of the ship, strapped on and firing at the fighter. The pilot finally stopped breathing and the ship spiraled out of control through the clouds. "YES!" Yelled Lucas. Antonio awoke and walked over to him. "Did we win?" asked Antonio. "Yep. Jet get us out of the atmosphere and hit the hyperdrive." said Lucas. "I can't. Alyssa and Goss aren't inside the ship." said Jet. "WHAT!?" yelled them both at the same time. "Goss+Alyssa=hanging off boarding pad. T7+Lucas+Antonio=save them." said T7. "I can't pull us up. Were too heavy together!" said Alyssa as she hung off the side of the ship. "Alyssa. I can't let us both die. Take this." said Goss. He threw up his blaster rifle to the top of the boarding pad. "Remember my sacrifice." said Goss. He let go and everything stopped for Alyssa. "NO!" Yelled Alyssa. His body fell through the clouds and down to the world below. The door opened and Antonio and Lucas helped her inside. As soon as the airlock closed, Jet hit the hyperdrive and they were gone.

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