Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Dream

Submitted: August 30, 2016

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Submitted: August 30, 2016



Antonio rose the ground. Everything was blurry and all he saw was smoke and the dark sky. He wiped his eyes and looked around. A huge space station was firing on the base and the Enclave Temple was burnt down and destroyed. He looked around and saw Sith Troopers marching through the base, firing at the Enclave Heroes. He saw 3 of them pull out rockets and fire on the Millenium Falcon, it exploded and fell to pieces. "Alyssa! Lucas! T7! HK! Han!" yelled Lucas. He looked around and saw Antonio, Alyssa, T7 and HK fighting at the base of the temple. He pulled out his blaster pistols and charged. He shot down troopers shooting at them and watched his friends be fired on. He then saw it. A Sith Lord marched up the temple stairs and fired a blast of sith energy at them. HK-55 ran in front and was blasted against the ground. Lucas was shot in the arm and sniper shot through the chest. He collapsed and T7 beeped. "T7+Alyssa=No chance of survival against sith. T7+Alyssa=dead." said T7. The sith lord ran over and ignited his green blade. He cut down Alyssa and T7 and killed them. "NO!" yelled Lucas. He then saw the Defender fly down and 4 jedi run out of it. Alex Jackson with his yellow crossguard saber, Lily with her double bladed green saber, Brianna with her 2 blue blades and Cody with his gold blade and black crossguard blade. They ran in and started cutting down troopers. Just then the sith lord blasted them away and started to glow. Antonio could then make out his image through the smoke. He was wearing smoke scarred white robes and had a broken black mask with a gold visor on him. But only half of the mask was there. "I AM ARCANN!" Yelled the sith and he he blasted them all away. Lily was cut down, Brianna was stabbed, Cody was decapitated and Alex ran to the Defender. He then stopped and ran to Brianna's body. "NO!" yelled Alex before everything turned blurry and he felt a stab of pain in his back. 

"Dude wake up!" yelled a voice. He opened his eyes and saw the face of his brother in front of him. Arven was wearing his black drelliad jacket and his main sabers were strapped to his belt. His saber he called "Thexan" and his other called "Slicer". "Oh hey Arven." said Antonio. "Dude what were you dreaming about?" asked Arven. "Oh the base were being attacked and invaded. This one sith killed everybody and Alex and the other jedi came to help in your ship. The sith killed them all almost instantly and destroyed all the ships." explained Antonio. "What was the sith's name?" asked Arven. "I think he said, Arcann or something." said Antonio. Arven ran out of the room and pulled out his holorecorder. "SCARZON WAKE UP! WE GOT AN EMERGENCY!" yelled Arven. "Hmm, i wonder what thats about." said Antonio. He walked out of the room and Arven was gone. Lucas, Alyssa and Jet were talking around the corner about stuff. "So anyways Solo is transferring me to the Elite Squadron." said Jet. "Well we'll miss you." said Alyssa. "Whats going on?" asked Antonio. "Jet's being transferred." said Lucas. They continued to talk until jet had to go and then the 3 walked to Han's office in the temple, ready for their next mission

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