Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - A new Friend

Submitted: August 30, 2016

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Submitted: August 30, 2016



The team of now 3 plus 2 droids were now inside the StarStreaker. Han Solo had gave them another mission. A possible ally had been on a raid of the Sith Empire's most protected space fortress, Station X where they kept all the Empire's greatest treasures. The main fortress was surrounded by 4 others and the ally had escaped into another fortress and was trapped inside with no way out. Now they were without a pilot and were sitting inside the ship which was still on the landing pad. "Alright who do we get to fly this thing?" asked Lucas.

Just then a girl in a Republic X-Wing outfit walked in. "Anybody here good with droids? Solo just got a new shipment of Isotope droids and they went crazy and killed 4 engineers." said the girl. Antonio had always been good with droids as when he traveled through the galaxy looking for Nok Drayans treasure he had to rebuild C2-N2 after a huge explosion on Tatooine damaged him. "I'm good with droids, i'll help." said Antonio. He and T7 walked out of the ship behind the girl and she pointed over to a huge fenced off area filled with supply crates, a few corpses and the Isotope droids. "Alright get ready to fight, make sure to only stun them." said the girl. She opened the fence gate and they ran in. It locked behind them and several others watched through the gates as the drew their weapons.

T7 put up his forcefild and started firing proton blasts at them. The 5 droids put up a shield and blocked out the shots. "Take cover! We gotta take out the shields first!" yelled the girl. They hid behind barricades and crates and fired at the droids. Antonio used his sniper shot and shot through the shield of one. He stunned it and it collapsed. He then pulled out a proton grenade and chucked it through the shield. It went under and the droid was shocked. It collapsed as well and he watched the girl and T7 do the same for another 2. The last droid started to beep and fired a stun blast at T7. He shut down and the droid pointed at Antonio. He rolled away from the footlocker barricade and he hit the metal fence. The droid fired at the top crate of the 2 the girl was hiding behind and she fell back trying not to be crushed. He blaster rifle slid away from her and the droid pointed its guns at her. Antonio got back up and saw the droid. He saw the footlocker had been blown open and a grenade had fallen out. He grabbed it and threw it through the shield. It attached to the neck of the droid and the body shut down. Antonio helped the girl up and handed her the rifle. "You saved me from that droid.

Thanks. My names Lexi, your Antonio right?" asked the girl. "Yep that me. The one who found Nok Drayans treasure, saved the Republic and actually i think i'm the one who brought these droids here in the first place." said Antonio. "So whats your next mission?" asked Lexi. "Well i'm supposed to rescue a possible ally from a space station nearby Station X but we got no pilot now." said Antonio. "I'm a pilot, i can fly you." said Lexi. "Seriosly!? That'd be great. Lets get to the ship and take off." said Antonio. He turned T7 back on and they ran into the ship. It took off into the sky and flew out of the atmosphere. "Hit the hyperdrive!" Yelled Antonio. Lexi pulled the hyperdrive lever and the StarStreaker dissapeared in a flash of light.

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