Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Board the Station

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



The StarStreaker came out of hyperspace next to the Zenulian Nebula, a cluster of stars and colors in a lightning bolt streak through space. Alex, HK, T7, Lucas, Lexi and Alyssa looked through the window. "Look! The stations!" said Lucas. 1 huge station was floating there with 4 others spiraling around it. Alright how do we do this? Were supposed to board and fight through a huge spacestation filled with troopers and ships that can blow up ours with a few shots." said Alyssa. "Well Han gave me a frequency and told me to speak through the comm frequency and tell whoevers on the other side our coordinants." said Alyssa. She typed the frequency into the comm and clicked the button. She spoke the coordinats and let go. They heard a boom and they all scrambled to the window. 17 Republic X-Wings were flying through space. "I guess that's our backup, Lexi take us to the landing bay inside the ship!" yelled Antonio. The StarStreaker and X-Wings soared through the stars and started firing on the stations. 25 Sith Fighters flew out of the nearest 2 stations and fired back. The X-Wings engaged them in battle and the dogfight started.

The StarStreaker then soared under the space conflict and flew into the landing bay. It landed and they watched a squad of Sith troopers run over to the ship. Alyssa grabbed her bowcaster, Antonio picked up his pistols and HK, Lexi and Lucas grabbed their rifles. The docking bay opened and they ran out. Alyssa went first and fired a shot at the front trooper, knocking them off their feet and over a group of crates. HK activated his assassin protocols and killed 2 more. Antonio and Lexi took cover behind a group of crates and finished off the last of them. "Alright where's this ally?" asked Antonio. "Han gave me a tracking code, by matching the coordinates to the schematics.... the main cargo bay." said Alyssa. "Alright HK and me will stay here and defend the ship." said Alyssa. Antonio, Lucas, Lexi and T7 ran down a hallway towards the cargo bay, ready to fight.

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